Using httpresponse redirect in Django

How to convert a Django HttpResponse to a Django render call

Ok, I'll re-draft this answer so you understand where I'm from. The CSRF middleware works as follows:

In other words, when you see a 403 csrf page, your look was never called. You can check this by having a spurious print statement in the view and watching the output from when you make your request.

To solve this problem you have to either disable csrf attacks (not good) or use one of the ajax methods available. If the required token is passed your view will actually be executed.

The reason why your ads are not mentioned is to prevent the action from the forged side actually always taking place, for example if you are denied the submission at the response time that the user is already logged in. The same behavior occurs with the Decorators function.

As for the middleware that sets the cookie that doesn't age or depend on the render function at all - this sets the HTTP header in the response. All answers in Django are objects, until it finally puts them on exit; Functions are helpers, but that's not your problem here.

To edit i will convert what you got for a render call. You could do this:

Where is only:

That's it. has one main argument by default which is the string return (literally, the html of the web page) which is what you do first. and are shortcuts to this one that do this: