Baby has swirls of hair on her forehead

Pimples in babies: what's behind them?

Neonatal rash

Similar to eczema in name only. A newborn rash, on the other hand, is a harmless skin rash that often occurs in the first ten days of life. It shows up as red spots with small, bright spots in the middle, probably a reaction of the immune system, which is massively challenged after the birth.

This is what the expert says: "If the rash does not go away after a few days, please see the pediatrician."

Gneiss and cradle cap

In the case of yellowish-brown scales on the scalp, doctors speak of gneiss, in the case of inflamed, oozing, crusty areas of cradle cap, a harbinger of neurodermatitis.

This is what the expert says: "Parents usually call flakes on the scalp, but very often their baby has gneiss that heals on its own within a few months. If the skin itches, a medical shampoo can help. Please consult your pediatrician. Real cradle cap needs to be treated. Den Midwives and paediatricians recognize the difference. "