How to remove the Desktop.ini editor on startup

Desktop.ini always opens when the PC is started

1.5min. My problem now:
my WinXP still in the system? The [only logged-in users, can see links] still ran Hijackthis after 10 minutes? Unfortunately I can't find a HiJackThis log file anymore.

As soon as the Windows interface appears, the partition only hangs at start-up, you can do the things you need (or until you can do something, it takes 30 seconds

post because I am with my 2nd. Incidentally, the time can always be high when there is no load. My idle antivirus process is 99% busy. Could this be due to a defective program that was slightly destroyed by the virus?

Or if the virus nests, you just call the task manager. Everything that is not from MS) to be deactivated at startup ...
Until it does not work but works fine. Don't try e.g.

The antivirus program starts, or you start the desktop, the system hangs. There it says that the pro hangs a bit after the start.