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My newest Cosmetics from the kitchen Creation “A touch of Hollywood” truly satisfies all the senses: The rose peeling mousse with fine Himalayan salt looks like a dessert, smells like baccarat and is a part of it rich peeling for demanding and mature skin; a clear recruiter for a homemade last minute gift!

Ingredients overview Himalaya Rose Peeling Mousse

The touch of Hollywood consists of the following ingredients:

  • Coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter as care
  • Himalayan salt & rose petals as a peeling compound
  • Rose wax for luxury fragrances
  • Argan oil for that special something

Ingredients for Himalayan Rose Peeling Mousse

makes approx. 125 gr

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Solid oils & wax

80 grams of coconut oil →
15 grams of shea butter →
13 grams of cocoa butter →
2 grams of rose wax →

Liquid oil

10 gr argan oil → (or another liquid vegetable oil)
possibly a little more, see production

Peeling compound

1 tbsp dried rose buds →, grated between your fingers;
some smaller buds whole (decoration)
2 tbsp Himalayan salt / halite salt (or sea salt) →


3 drops of May rose → for the absolute rose kick

Preparation of the Himalayan rose peeling mousse

  • Melt solid fats and wax in a warm water bath at approx. 60 ° C.
  • Take it off the plate
  • Fold in the liquid oil.
  • Grate a few rosebuds (e.g. 10 pieces) between your fingertips and let them trickle in.
  • at the end stir in the salt.
  • The peeling compound will not dissolve, but will settle on the floor. That’s okay.
  • Pour the mixture into a heat-resistant, not too small mixing vessel.
  • Allow to solidify in the refrigerator or on the (cool) windowsill for about 60 minutes.

After melting the oils and adding dried roses and Himalayan salt, let the mass solidify

  • Then whip the mixture with a hand mixer like cream. With a little patience, it turns into a wonderfully fragrant peeling cream. If it doesn't work at all, just put the stuff in the cooler for a while and try again. It was just probably not cold enough.
  • If the mousse is too firm, stir in some liquid oil in small sips until you are happy with the consistency.
  • The finished rose peeling cream can be kept in an airtight container for as long as the ingredients you used for it.

Use Himalaya Rose Peeling Mousse as an oil cleansing agent

The rose peeling cream is especially good for Face and cleavage suitable in the evening. By adding the valuable argan oil and rose wax, its full anti-aging effect can unfold there. Simply apply it generously and in circular movements to the area to be treated, massage it in lightly and then remove it with a lukewarm, damp cloth. This removes dead skin, leaving a delicately scented film that you should leave on overnight. You no longer need extra care.

Tip: warm envelope

If the care film is too rich for you, help yourself with a warm compress. To do this, you dip a wash mitt or a small towel in very warm water, wring it out and place it on your freshly peeled face for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the whole thing again, then pat dry and enjoy.

Caution: Never peel sick or injured skin, otherwise bliss turns into pain!

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