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7 schnapps thrushes that Jana drinks with

The weekend is getting closer and it has to be celebrated appropriately. Preferably with schnapps, or at least with a few films in which schnapps or schnapps thrushes make a wet, happy appearance. Cheers.

To get straight to the point: No, this article does not refer to the experiences that I gained during my time as an intern at moviepilot. Today I dedicated myself to the characters who gave themselves up to a very specific addictive substance, even if it was only in a scene that burned itself into my brain like a good bottle of absinthe. Whether schadenfreude, sympathy or shame: somehow everything played a role in the selection of my drunkards. Now just sit back and enjoy my personal one with a good old wine Top 7 schnapps thrushes.

Dinner for One - Same procedure as every year
On New Year's Eve people dance, celebrate and drink. But before that, a public service provider is traditionally involved in order to enjoy the wonderful dinner or dinner. Binge drinking - spoiled by James and Miss Sophie. Since it is the old lady's birthday but does not want to drink alone, her butler James has to raise a glass for her deceased friends. At the beginning of The 90th Birthday or Dinner for One, the servant does quite bravely, but soon serving the food becomes a tightrope act for him, which of course gives the viewer all the more pleasure. For me, the idiot James just belongs to a cozy New Year's Eve with beer, champagne, vodka, punch, fig, plum, cocktail ... uh, where was I? Oh yes: in addition. In this sense: Skol!

Bad Santa - Billy Bob Thornton as Santa goes astray
No matter if you were good or bad, you definitely have no gifts to expect from this Santa Claus. Billy Bob Thornton is a shabby con artist in Bad Santa who snuck into the chewing job to rob the nearby bank. But the Bad Santa really doesn't feel like the chatter of little boys and girls on his lap. To be able to endure the wild pack, he appears drunk at work as a precaution. and gives us a little tip in case the stubborn neighbors kid us again. I'll buy you one for that, Billy!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny Depp with a bottle of rum!
Johnny Depp was wild from a young age. That is probably the reason why he increasingly chooses roles that have a penchant for eccentricity. With the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and his successors, he also created a character that quickly enjoyed great popularity. Despite his not always heroic deeds, Jack Sparrow is a lovable pirate who, when he's not lying, cheating and stealing, is always out with a bottle of rum - or at least yells for one. With such a sympathetic drunkard, the stay on a lonely island can be survived without any problems.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Elizabeth Taylor as a drunken fury
She screams, laughs, dances and curses and is drunk for most of the film. In Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Elizabeth Taylor gives one of her best performances. Granted, the bitter struggle that Elizabeth Taylor and (film) husband Richard Burton fight here is not always pleasant to watch. Nevertheless, I can only take my hat off to her gifted performance - or in this case: raise my glass.

Superbad - teen trio on a party course
It was really difficult for me to choose between the three protagonists from Superbad. Because both Jonah Hill as well as Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse have put a lot behind the armband here. That's why I'm putting all three of them on my schnapps throttle list. I owe the actress a couple of scenes that made me laugh heartily. But you really couldn't take much, guys. If I were your age, I would drink, uh, drink under the table for you.

Leaving Las Vegas - Nicolas Cages with a truckload of booze
The opening scene of Leaving Las Vegas - Love to the Dead, in which Nicolas Cage fills his shopping cart up to the top with a wide variety of schnapps and does a happy dance, is worth an entry in this list. The film does have some comical scenes, but it's much more of a drama about a man who has lost everything because of alcohol. For you, Nic, I would even put the beer aside and have a nice apple juice.

The god of slaughter - Kate Winslet’s arbitrating torrent
This film is just wonderful. The actors in The God of Carnage want to settle a dispute between their children and adults, but are ultimately no better than their fighting offspring. When they are no longer up to the matter soberly, a bottle of whiskey is opened to calm them down. But that doesn't do the parents any good: The arguing parties show their true colors and curse, scream and cry even more than before. And at the latest when the good Kate Winslet her innermost Feelings can no longer hold on, it was about me to confess. I would take buckets and water-repellent clothing with me to a drinking evening with her, but I would definitely have fun.

Which schnapps thrushes would you like to see on this list?