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Surname Project Title (s) Contact information Emmanuel Akala
  1. Biodegradable Polymeric Nanosphere Drug Delivery System for Cancer Diagnosis and Chemotherapy [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Nanotechnology and HIV / AIDS [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Pharmacy
(202) 806-5896
[email protected]Winston Anderson
  1. Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) at Howard University (RESEARCH ENHANCEMENT THROUGH INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE) [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Capacity Building in Ethiopia [Abstract (PDF)]
Professor, Biology
(202) 806-6950
[email protected]Folahan Ayorinde
  1. Biodegradable Plastics from Non-edible Plant Oils [Abstract (PDF)]
Chair and Professor, Chemistry
(202) 806-6900
fayorinde @ .howard.eduOladapo Bakare
  1. Synthesis of 3 - [(N-Carboalkoxy) ethylamino] -indazole-dione Derivatives and Their Biological Activities on Human Liver Carbonyl Reductase [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Chemistry
[email protected]W. Malcolm Byrnes
  1. Characterization and Engineering of Fused Chorismate-Utilizing Enzymes [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Exploring the Scientific Legacy of Biologist Ernest Everett Just [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Biochemistry
(202) 806-9749
[email protected]Mohamed Chouikha
  1. Machine Language Translation [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Data Fusion for Real-Time, Environmentally Sensed Data [Abstract (PDF)]
Chair and Professor, Electrical Engineering
(202) 806-4816
[email protected]Charles Glass
  1. Evaluation of Technologies to Control Odor and Corrosion in DCWASA’s Sewer System [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Nannie Helen Burroughs Green Highways Water Quality Monitoring Project [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
(202) 806-6571
[email protected]Marjorie Gondre-Lewis
  1. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Both Normal and Abnormal Development of the Central Nervous System (CNS) [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Anatomy
(202) 806-5274
[email protected]Muhammad Habib
  1. Liposomal drug delivery of tenofovir [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Development and Characterization of a Subcutaneous Nanoformulation of Letrozole for Treatment of Breast Cancer [Abstract (PDF)]
Professor, Pharmacy
(202) 806-6529
[email protected]Georges Haddad
  1. Alcohol-Induced Heart Failure [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Physiology & Biophysics
(202) 806-4521
[email protected]Tamaro Hudson
  1. Investigation of Heat Shock Proteins as Biomarkers in Aggressive Prostate Cancer among African American Men [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Medicine
(202) 865-4674
[email protected]Kimberly Jones
  1. Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) [Abstract (PDF)]
Chair and Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
(202) 806-4807
[email protected]Pradeep Karla
  1. Discovery of New Drug Efflux Transporters on Human Ocular Tissue [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy
(202) 806-6543
[email protected]Vernon Morris
  1. Air Quality In Urban Zones / Aerosols & Ozone In Washington DC Metropolitan Area [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Urban Aerological Diversity [Abstract (PDF)]
  3. Teleconnections and Interactions between Climate, Air Chemistry, and Public Health across the Sahel [Abstract (PDF)]
  4. Aerosol Processes in the Marine Boundary Layer [Abstract (PDF)]
  5. AEROSE [Abstract (PDF)]
  6. Organic Aerosols and Cloud Modification Studies [Abstract (PDF)]
  7. Connecting Air Chemistry to Aerobiology and Health in Eastern Africa [Abstract (PDF)]
  8. Observational and Modeling Studies of Megacity Air Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Graduate Program in Atmospheric Science
(202) 806-6902
(202) 865-8678
[email protected]Sergei Nekhai
  1. Regulation of HIV-1 transcription by host cell CDK2 and protein phosphatase-1 Role of iron and hypoxia in HIV-1 and Sickle Cell Disease [Abstract (PDF)]
Research Scientist, Center for Sickle Cell Disease
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, College of Medicine
(202) 865-4545
[email protected]Evaristus Nwulia
  1. Using Olfactory Epithelial Tissue to Define Molecular Mediators of Lithium Action in Bipolar Patients [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Developing Capacity for Biomedical Signal Processing and Integration of Cognitive and Behavioral Function Data in a Candidate Gene Study of Neurobehavioral Response to Alcohol Challenge at Howard University [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
(202) 865-6611
[email protected]Mugizi Robert Rwebangira
  1. Peptide Sequencing Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Systems and Computer Science
(202) 806-6650
[email protected]Galina Talanova
  1. New Fluorescent Chemosensors for Selective Detection of Hazardous Metal Ions [Abstract (PDF)]
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
(202) 806-4963
[email protected]John Trimble
  1. International Network on Appropriate Technology [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Systems and Computer Science
(202) 806-4822
[email protected]Hemayet Ullah
  1. Arabidopsis RACK1 Proteins Regulate Diverse Environmental Stress Signaling Pathways [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Professor, Biology
(202) 806-6958
[email protected]Paul Wang
  1. Molecular Imaging Laboratory at Howard University [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Biomedical Imaging Core Facilities [Abstract (PDF)]
Professor, Radiology
Director, Molecular Imaging Laboratory
(202) 865-3726
[email protected]Tongxin Wang
  1. High Strength Bioresorbable Composites for Bone Fixation and Repair [Abstract (PDF)]
CREST Center for Nanomaterials & College of Dentistry
(202) 806-4791
[email protected]Anthony Wutoh
  1. Global HIV / AIDS Initiative - Nigeria (GHAIN) [Abstract (PDF)]
  2. Center for Minority Health Services Research [Abstract (PDF)]
Associate Dean and Professor, Pharmacy
(202) 806-6530
[email protected]