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Have become known Method Man & Redman through the Wu Tang Clan, at least since How high and the associated soundtrack, the two are also known outside of the clan. They are now next to DMX the figurehead of that of Rick Rubin and Russel Simmons founded hip hop label Def Jam Records. On their soundtrack too How high they gather the elite of American hip hop, among others Cypress Hill, Ludacris, DMX, Mary J. Blidge and even the singer of the New Metal heroes of Limp Bizkit. Almost all songs are about one thing: weed. In their joint film, Method Man & Redman even praise weed as promoting learning.

How high I tell you reach for the sky

Not only are their albums selling damn well, their film also became a classic within a few weeks and is still one of the most watched stoner comedies ever. Method Man & Redman are the Cheech and Chong of Amiraps. Given this cult status, it is of course not surprising that their last tour was completely sold out. From open air to festival stages, the two have proven themselves everywhere. But no matter in which location, Method Man & Redman stand for party and a never-ending flow of texts that has been around since 36 Chambers excited. Songs like Da Rockwilder and How High Pt. 2 made hip hop history. They were never modest about it, but they don't have to be with this huge and energetic live show. who Method Man & Redman experienced on stage, it will not be forgotten anytime soon. Get your tickets now in advance for Method Man & Redman. (Source: | Text: mk | AD ticket GmbH)