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Rojadirecta: what it is, how it works and how to watch live streaming

In recent years, live streaming of sports events has grown in popularity due to the increasingly expensive subscriptions to home TVs. Until a few years ago, to watch an online soccer game like Juventus Milan - if Rojadirecta had already been there - it was necessary to download programs, browser extensions, fill out surveys and transfer various threats such as Trojans and malware to your PC.

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then and most websites simply install Adobe Flash Player on their PC (if they haven't already) to watch their favorite sports.

Well, even today there is no need to worry, having tested the water and found for you the best free service to watch sports online, we are obviously talking about the king of live streaming of all sports: Rojadirecta.

Rojadirecta: live streaming without worries

If you just want to immerse yourself in the next Parma Juventus game without any worries, RojaDirecta is the website for you! At first glance, the user interface may seem too simple, but thanks to some interesting features, it is actually very comfortable and easy to use.

First, the main page of the website shows all upcoming meetings according to the local time of the user who is accessing them. This eliminates the need to convert schedules based on where you are connecting from (very handy feature for those who want to watch foreign sports). For example, at the time of writing, Rojadirecta is showing Pirlo on TV about his future as a Juventus U23 coach.

Although Rojadirecta does not present sports categories such as Formula 1, basketball and tennis (but available on the Rojadirecta website), the events are arranged in chronological order so all you have to do is scroll through the list to see all of the scheduled sporting events.

Numerous links are available for each event, each redirecting to a live streaming website (available in multiple languages). For example, some time ago Rojadirecta showed around fifty connections for Inter Juventus! For Formula 1, Rojadirecta generally offers around twenty links. And so on.

Tutorial: How to watch Rojadirecta streaming

First of all, it is important to understand that Rojadirecta is not a real website, but a directory full of links from which by clicking on it you can watch live sporting events for free. Most of the events concern football, but Rojadirecta also has other sports such as Formula 1, tennis, etc. All of which is free!

All that needs to be done to watch live sporting events is:

Access to the website