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GFZ: How to calculate your living space

If a certain area is developed and declared land ready for building, the respective municipality uses a development plan to determine how the residential buildings there should and may look (roof shape and color, color and material of the external facade, arrangement of balconies, number of floors, etc.) . It also defines how much area can be built on from a single plot of land.

This all serves to be a to create a uniform cityscape. It is also intended to ensure that the Realized individual interests can be. For example, if a single building is built with several stories, it may cast shadow over the entire garden of the neighbor. This would not only harm the interests of the neighbors, but also reduce the value of the property.

That is why the development plan specifies exactly how the individual building plots are to be built on. The key figures of the Floor area number (short: GFZ), the Base area number (GRZ) and the Number of full floors a central role.

What does the base area number mean?

The base area number (GRZ) defines how much area of ​​the property can be built on.

What does the floor area number mean?

The floor area number (GFZ), on the other hand, indicates how many square meters of living space (also known as gross floor area (GFA)) may be built on the property in total.

What does the number of full floors mean?

The number of full storeys defines how many storeys the building may have on the respective property.