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Deus Ex - Mankind Divided: Unlock the best ending - all end sequences in the guide

To unlock the best ending in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you have to make the right decisions at certain points in the plot. In total, there are three endings in the game, two of which can be described as bad and one as good. In our guide we explain how you can unlock all ends.

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All the endings of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided decide in the Main missions 12 and 15. The side missions have an impact on the main story, but are ultimately not decisive for the endings. The good end is the most difficult to achieve because the right path is never the easy one. We'll show you how to do it. We are doing it Spoil parts of the plot, Needless to say.

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Deus Ex - Mankind Divided: All endings at a glance

First we deal with the two bad endings of the game. Here, main mission 15 is of crucial importance, in the context of which you have the choice whether you Stop Marchenko or the Saves delegates. Depending on how you decide here, you will experience one of the two bad endings. But also Main mission 12 and NPC Miller play a role for the ends.

Bad Ending # 1: Saving Delegates

If you decide to Rescue the delegates, you will have to let Marchenko detonate the bombs for better or for worse. To do this, go to the delegates and warn them not to drink the champagne, as it was mixed with the poison "orchid". Marchenko then only has to wait 10 minutes for the first bad ending to be initiated.

Bad Ending # 2: Stop Marchenko

For the second bad ending, you have to Stop Marchenko and must not warn the delegates. Fight Marchenko and let the 10 minutes pass until the delegates have had the champagne. If you have completed main mission 12 instead of 11, you have the antidote. If you didn't give it to Miller, you can still save the delegates in the conference room. For this bad ending, however, you are not allowed to do this and not give the delegates the antidote.

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Deus Ex - Mankind Divided: Unlock the best ending - that's how it works

For the good end of the game, you have to save Miller, stop Marchenko and warn the delegates in good time. A shortcut in the last mission makes this possible. To do this, just follow the steps below.

  1. Complete Mission 12 and skip mission 11. You sacrifice the watchmaker's daughter, but you get the antidote for the "orchid".
  2. Give the antidote to Milleras soon as you meet him sitting on the floor in the kitchen. You don't need it for the delegates.
  3. Choose that Rescue the delegates, but still goes to Marchenko first.
  4. Defeat him and enter the upper floor of the battle arena Secret passageleading to the delegates.
  5. Under the Counter in the west can you one Press the secret switchwho opens a door behind you.
  6. Now follow the arrows that lead you to the room with the delegates (Executive Lounge).
  7. You still will arrive on time and can prevent the delegates from drinking the champagne with the poison.

The Way over the secret passage to the delegates you can watch it again in the following video.

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We'll also show you the locations of all eBooks and give you the passwords and codes for all terminals and doors.

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