How to heal a snake skin with salt

Health side of the graduation tower

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In the vicinity of the graduation house, salty, humid air is created which, when inhaled in the appropriate dosage, is very beneficial for some physical complaints. For this purpose hand-picked sticks are laid in such a way that millions of small branches turn salt water into a salt mist.

The brine trickling down from the black thorn enriches the surrounding air with salt. The microclimate is similar to the sea air, which is also recommended for inhalation, for example for pollen allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers. The salt spray is mostly used to alleviate ailments that are increasingly common in modern times. The air humidifies the airways; The fine salt crystals in the air with their secretion-dissolving effect help to cleanse the respiratory tract of bacteria and to reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes.

The Bad Nauheim graduation house is an example of an imposing classic facility.

Less imposing, but just as effective (but without a shadow of a course), the small etching works in your own house or garden (with your click you land on the neighboring website for private clients).
It is easy to mistake the graduation tower for the saltworks. In this, the salt is obtained from sea water in shallow pools by evaporation or from a natural salt water source by evaporation. In that one, however, the salt content of the brine was increased. Then the remaining thick brine could be boiled in iron pans until the water had disappeared and only the salt remained. In the past one did not measure in percentage salinity; 25 percent was called 25 degrees.


To ensure that nothing bad happens, we meet high security requirements. For example with statics. Where in the past you could get by with skillfully executed wood connections, according to the regulations, we have to help out with steel - invisibly, of course - at critical points. It's a shame, we could have done it that way too.

Safety also when using the system. In the past, craftsmen were expected to come up on ladders; today you need a stairwell to do this. In this case, we built it at the head end of the system, in keeping with the style of the graduation tower.