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How to Copyright or Register Your Script

An official U.S. Copyright is your best weapon against thieves when things get serious: once you have that in hand, you can sue for legal damages and reimbursement of court costs. Without it, you can only claim actual damages and profits from the injuring party. And when someone steals your baby, you want your money. So get your copyright!

The next best (and faster) option: WGA registration

Registering with the Writers Guild of America (East or West) provides some protection. It offers official proof that you really wrote your script at a certain point in time. WGA can present your material if there is a lawsuit. You can also include information about your WGA registration on the front page of your script so others know you mean business. And in contrast to the U.S. Copyright Office, the WGA allows you to upload files that will help you prove that your work is yours. This includes scripts, edits, summaries, and outlines.

It is also cheaper than a U.S. Copyright ($ 20- $ 22 for non-members, $ 10 for members) and processing is almost instantaneous. If you want to offer your script quickly, the WGA could be a good option for you.

The disadvantages? The registration is only valid for 5-10 years (depending on whether it is the WGA East or WGA West) and you have to pay renewal fees if you want to extend the time. And if you unfortunately end up in court, you probably won't get the money to pay for legal fees or damages because a U.S. Copyright is necessary.

Worst, useless option: poor man's copyright

We're not sure who is giving this advice, but they might not like you very much. “Just put your script in a stamped envelope addressed to you,” she says. "That proves when your script was written." No, no, no. This is no substitute for copyright registration and we love screenwriters too much to close this blog without pointing it out. To protect yourself, you need to bring in a reputable third party.

Copyright vs. Registration