Hard-Ons Where did it come from in the lyrics

Band members

How everything began…

Stefanie Kloß, Andreas Nowak and the brothers Thomas and Johannes Stolle met in 1998 in their homeland, Bautzen in Saxony in Upper Lusatia. The meeting point was the music project “Ten Sing”, where the boys played in the band while Stefanie sang in the choir. They got along well straight away and after briefly forming the band “Exakt” with a second singer and a keyboard player, they emerged as “JAST” (the name was made up of the first letters of the band members) and went from there to the four of them. They initially covered English songs before putting their own English songs on paper and on the stages in Bautzen and the surrounding area.

Music competitions were contested and won (sometimes even despite Stefanie's larynx), such as the "Beat 2000" or the "Music Act 2001". But they quickly realized that their school English was insufficient to express what they wanted to say with their music. It was Andreas who came into the rehearsal room with a German lyrics. With the German texts came the new name and so in 2002 “Silbermond” was born on a bank at Dresden Central Station.

The hard road to fame ...

Stefanie, Andreas, Thomas and Johannes wanted more, their personal ambition and love for music drove them forward and so, together with manager Ulf Wenderlich, record companies were contacted. There was interest ... but with more synthesizers, fewer guitars and a new name, please. But Silbermond didn't want to be bent back then and so it went on without a record company. And as luck - or fate - would have it, an employee of BMG Munich (now SonyBMG) was present at one of her appearances on Bautzner Burgplatz and Silbermond liked it - without hesitation.

At the end of 2003, the four of them signed their record deal before it was called “We're going to Berlin.”, Where the four of them lived in Stefanie's 1-room apartment for almost a year, unplanned. Thanks to their busy schedule, however, they were hardly home anyway because there was a lot to do. They recorded their debut album with Valicon producers Ingo Politz and Bernd Wendtland and were also accompanied by a camera team for the television program “Blitz” (Sat.1), which shot the Silbermond documentary “Der harte Weg zum Ruhm”.

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