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The Healing Practice of Christian Science

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Mary Baker Eddy's groundbreaking discovery that "Everything is infinite MIND" has brought healing to many, many thousands of people. In her lecture, Juliane Klein explains, using 3 current healing examples, how every person is completely integrated into this one divine MIND and draws all the information necessary for his individual life and health from it. Information that is based on immaterial, spiritual structures and that keep and renew our intact, indestructible life functions over and over again. “The concept of matter has had its day,” says Juliane Klein, “and has been doing so since 1875, the year the book was first published Science and health by M.B.Eddy ”.

Concrete healing perspectives are shown in the lecture: e.g. the term "holistic" has a far more comprehensive meaning. The "patchwork", caused by the conflicting powers of consciousness and matter, is canceled and the human being sees himself as "one tone in the infinite divine harmony."

Juliane Klein states in her lecture: “Nowadays we have mostly already taken the first step towards healing: we are ready to leave old views and reach out for new knowledge. This gives our life lasting health, freshness and intelligence ”.

Juliane Klein is a Christian Science practitioner with her own public practice in Berlin. She has been a member of the international Christian Science Lecture Council since 2010 and is regularly invited to give lectures in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia. Juliane Klein has been teaching the Christian Science healing system since 2015.