How to break dungeon walls in terrariums


Elasto-Pur is a 2-component polyurethane mass. It is ideal for creating back walls in rainforest and desert terrariums. It is odorless during processing and completely harmless to the animals when cured.

Elasto-Pur has an open time (time in which processing is possible ...) of approx. 45 minutes at 20 ° C. I cool the cans to around 15 ° C before processing, which extends the open time to over an hour.


Elasto-Pur is inherently beige in color. If necessary, the Elasto-Pur can be colored with organic colored powders (also available from me, just ask ...).

The Elasto-Pur sticks and seals on all common surfaces. It's compatible with Sagex. When cured, it is viscoplastic. It does not break under pressure, like e.g. epoxy resin, but gives way without tearing.


Elasto-Pur is available in a 1,145 kg container, which, depending on the structure of the rear wall, covers approx. 0.4 m² to 0.5 m².


Please always wear rubber gloves and old clothes when processing. The stuff raises the pig, on your hands ...


SFr. 40.- per container

from 4 containers: each SFr. 35.-