How to install the DirectX 11 WMA file

Install DirectX 11 - Instructions for all operating systems


For many programs, and especially games, special software components are required so that everything works. For games that are graphically very complex, you need a version of DirectX. If you want to install DirectX 11, this can be done in just a few steps.

Which version do I have? Check before installing DirectX 11

When starting a game or reading through the system requirements, it is very likely that you will be directed to DirectX. When installing many games, such necessary programs are installed directly for you. If this is not the case or if you have problems, you have to bring DirectX 11 onto your computer on your own.
  1. In Windows 10, simply press the Windows key and type “dxdiag” without quotation marks to use Windows search.
  2. Click on the result of the same name in the list.
  3. This will open the DirectX diagnostic program. In the first tab "System" look at the entry "DirectX version". Behind it you can see which version is installed.
You can get updates for DirectX 11 and 12 directly from Windows updates. If DirectX is not installed, run the Windows updates. There are no standalone packages that you can install.

Older operating systems: how do I get DirectX 11?

If you are using Windows 10, 8.1 or 7, you will receive DirectX automatically. However, if you are working under Windows Vista or Windows XP, the DirectX version is an older one. In Windows Vista, install the KB971512 update to install DirectX 11. The version is not available with Windows XP.

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