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I pay when someone calls me from abroad: landline and cell phone

Everyone has probably asked themselves this question before, do I have to pay something if someone calls me from abroad? Are there differences between landlines and cell phones, and if so, what are the costs for a call? Even though in times of WhatsApp telephony and Skype video telephony you have many options to call other people around the globe, normal calls via landline or mobile phone are still very popular. In this situation, the question of the cost per minute arises not only for the caller, but also for the person called. In the past you have heard again and again that some people had to pay hundreds of euros because they received a call from abroad. But what is it, is that still true today? Will the amount be split or does only the caller have to pay?

Do I pay if someone calls me from abroad?

Today, in the vast majority of cases, if not in all countries, only the caller pays for the call. So if you are called by a friend from abroad such as a country within but also outside the EU such as the USA, you do not pay anything yourself for the call. Only the caller has to worry about the cost of the call. If you are abroad yourself, that is a different matter. In this case there may be costs for roaming.

Call costs from abroad, special case for collect calls

However, there is still one important thing to consider and these are the so-called collect calls. In the case of a collect call, you pay the telephone costs and that applies to both landline and cell phones in the cellular network. The R in the term stands for “Reverse Charge”, which in German means nothing more than a backward calculation. This means that the person called has to pay for the call Such collect calls are not only made from abroad, but also within the country on landlines and mobile phones. But here, too, you don't have to worry about expensive telephone bills at the end of the month, because before the costs are incurred, you first hear a computer voice, which tells you that you agree to pay the costs. Unless you confirm this and hang up, there are no costs, even if the call comes from abroad.

We hope we could clear up the question a little if I pay when someone calls me from abroad. The principle is the same everywhere, by the way, regardless of whether you have a contract with O2, Vodafone, Teleko, E-Plus, Aldi Talk or anywhere else. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave us a comment under this post.

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