Feuchter wasserkuppe summer toboggan run malchow


The tickets are not rail-bound, i.e. you can use our tickets on all railways on the Wasserkuppe.

The cards are valid for 2 years and cannot be returned.

Adults per person:

1 ride3.50 euros
6 trips16.00 euros
daily ticket27.00 euros
Day ticket including climbing forest37.00 euros

Children (3 to 14 years) per person:

1 ride2.50 euros
6 trips11.00 euros
daily ticket20.00 euros
Day ticket including climbing forest30.00 euros

Registration or reservation for groups is not required. We are looking forward to your visit.

Groups of 15 people or more per person:

1 ride - adults2.50 euros
1 ride - children1.50 euros

Use of the train for groups of 15 or more per person:

1 hour8.00 euros
2 hours11.00 euros
3 hours14.00 euros
4 hours17.00 euros
5 hours20.00 euros

Children are only allowed to use the summer toboggan runs and the witch's broom from 3 years. Children under 8 years of age are only allowed to use the run on two-seater sledges together with older people (over 8 years of age) who have been familiarized with the run and who have been given responsibility by the person responsible for supervision.

Unit pricesGroup prices *
Children 4-5 years8 euro8 euro
Children 6-14 years13 euros11 euros
Adults (from 15 years)16 euros14 euros

* applies to groups of 10 people or more



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