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Which king or queen ruled the longest?

Ruled by all English kings and queens (click & look also on current monarchies)Queen Elizabeth II (* 1926) the longest. She was crowned 68 years ago on June 2, 1953 and is still on her throne today (status 4/2021). On April 9, 2021, her husband Prince Philip (with whom she was married for 74 years) died at the age of 99. Enjoyed with 63.5 years of reign Queen Victoria (1837-1901) the second longest term in office. Only then does an English king follow: George III (1760-1820) held the scepter for 60 years.

What were the names of the first English kings?

In British history books, the chapter “English kings and queens” traditionally begins with Egbert from Wessex (802-839). Wessex (in south-west England) was only one of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms during the heptarchy. The others were called Sussex, Kent (both in the south), East Anglia, Essex (both in the east), Merzien (in central England) and Northern Humbria (in the north). Æthelstan (924-939), on the other hand, conquered the Danish kingdom of Jórvík (Northern Humbria) in 927 and thus became the ruler of all of Britain. With the conquest, he was therefore the first king to rule over the entire area of ​​what is now England.

Which queen was the first English queen?

Was the first Queen of England Maria Tudor ("The bloody one"). She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon and was born on February 18, 1516. Because Henry VIII absolutely wanted a male heir to the throne, he divorced Katharina and turned to his lover Anne Boleyn. But even further marriages and attempts at procreation were unsuccessful: There shouldn't be boys, which is why Maria Tudor was named as a first english queen took the throne despite being declared a bastard by her father. Because “the bloody” Maria wanted to “educate” England as a Catholic, she had around 300 English Protestants burned as heretics from 1555 until her death in 1558.

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Ruled from-toEnglish kingsEnglish nameYears he / she ruleddynastyAgeBuried in
802-839EgbertEcghberht37Anglo-Saxons, Wessex69Winchester Cathedral
839-856EthelwulfÆþelwulf17Anglo-Saxons, Wessex63Winchester Cathedral
856-860EthelbaldSoon4Anglo-Saxons, Wessex29Sherborne Abbey
860-865EthelberhtCovered5Anglo-Saxons, Wessex30Sherborne Abbey
865-871Ethelred I.Æþelræd6Anglo-Saxons, Wessex34Wimborne
871-899Alfred the GreatÆlfred the Greatest28Anglo-Saxons, Wessex50First in Winchester, then lost
899-924Edward the ElderEdward I. the Elder25Anglo-Saxons, Wessex53Winchester Cathedral
924 EthelweardÆthelweard0,01 Anglo-Saxons, Wessex, ruled for only a few days20 Winchester Cathedral
924-939ÆthelstanÆþelstān15Anglo-Saxons, Wessex44Malmesbury Abbey
939-946Edmund the MagnificentEdmund I. the Elder7Anglo-Saxons, Wessex25Glastonbury Abbey
946-955EdredEdred9Anglo-Saxons, Wessex32Winchester Cathedral
955-959ForeverForever4Anglo-Saxons, Wessex36Winchester Cathedral
959-975Edgar the PeacefulEdgar I.16Anglo-Saxons, Wessex32Glastonbury Abbey
975-978Edward the MartyrEdward the Martyr3Anglo-Saxons, Wessex16Brookwood, Surrey
978-1013Ethelred the UnadvisedEthelred II.37Anglo-Saxons, Wessex48St. Paul's Cathedral, London
1013-1014Sven I. GabelbartSweyn I.1King of the Danes, ruled 1 year without a coronation54Roskilde Cathedral or in St. Trinity, Lund, Norway
1014-1016Ethelred the Unadvised (2nd term of office)Ethelred II.2Anglo-Saxons, Wessex48St. Paul's Cathedral, London
1016Edmund II. Iron sideEdmund Ironside1Anglo-Saxons27Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset
1016-1035Knut the greatCanute the Great19Danes40Winchester Cathedral
1035-1040Harald I. the rabbit footHarold I. Harefoot5Danes25Westminster Abbey
1040-1042HardiknutHarthacanute2Danes24Winchester Cathedral
1042-1066Edward the ConfessorEdward the Confessor24Anglo-Saxons64Westminster Abbey
1066 (01-10)Harald IIHarold II0.8Anglo-Saxons44fell in battle at Hastings; Waltham Abbey
1066 (10-12)Edgar ThelingEdgar Theling0.3uncrowned heir to the throne75Unknown
1066-1087William I the ConquerorWilliam the Conqueror21Normans60Abbey of Saint-Etienne, Caen, France
1087-1100Wilhelm II RufusWilliam II Rufus13Normans44Winchester Cathedral
1100-1135Heinrich IHenry I. Beauclerk35Normans67Reading Abbey
1135-1141Stephenfrom BloisStephen of Blois6Normans58Faversham Abbey
1141MatildaMaud0,2not crowned empress for a few months65Rouen Cathedral, F.
1141-1154Stephen from Blois (2nd term of office)Stephen of Blois13 Normans58 Faversham Abbey


1154-1189Heinrich II. Short coatHenry II
35Plantagenet, Angevin Empire56Fontevraud Abbey, France
1170-1183Henry the Younger *Henry the young king13* Co-king of his father28died while revolting against his father
1189-99Richard I. the LionheartRichard I. the Lionheart10Plantagenet, Angevin Empire42Fontevraud Abbey, France
1199-1216Johann OhnelandJohn Lackland17Plantagenet, Angevin Empire50He had to sign the Magna Charta; Worcester Cathedral
1216-1272Henry III.Henry III56Plantagenet65Westminster Abbey
1272-1307Edward I.Edward I.35Plantagenet68Westminster
1307-1327Edward IIEdward II20Plantagenet43Gloucester Cathedral
1327-1377Edward III.Edward III50Plantagenet65Westminster
1377-1399Richard IIRichard II22Plantagenet33Westminster
1399-1413Henry IVHenry IV Bolingbroke14Lancaster House46Canterbury Cathedral
1413-1422Henry V.Harry of Lancaster9House of Lancaster35Westminster
1422-1461Henry VI.Henry VI.39Lancaster House50Windsor Castle
1461-1485HOUSE YORK
1461-1483Edward IVEdward IV22House of York41Windsor Castle
1483 (04-06)Edward V.Edward V.0,2House of York13Was imprisoned with brother ("The Princes in the Tower"); Westminster
1483-1485Richard IIIRichard III2House of York33Last of all English kings to fall on the battlefield.
1485-1509Henry VIIHenry Tudor24Tudors52Westminster Abbey
1509-1547Henry VIIIHenry VIII38Tudors55Windsor Castle
1547-1553Edward VI.Edward VI.6Tudors15Westminster Abbey
1553Jane GrayLady Jane Gray, the Nine Days Queen0.01Tudors (without coronation)17Church of St. Peter in Vincula, London
1553-1558Maria I.Queen Mary, Bloody Mary5Tudors42Westminster Abbey
1558-1603Elizabeth I.The Virgin Queen Elizabeth I.45Tudors70Conflict with Mary Stuart; Westminster Abbey
1603-1625Jacob I.James I.22Stuarts59Westminster Abbey
1625-1649Charles I.Charles I.24Stuarts49Windsor Castle
1653-1658Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell5Commonwealth of England59Only his head is in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
1658-1659Richard CromwellRichard Cromwell1Commonwealth of England86Hursley Parish Church, Winchester
1660-1685Charles IICharles II, the Merry Monarch25Stuarts55Westminster Abbey
1685-1688Jacob IIJames II3Stuarts68Church of the English Benedictines, Paris
1689-1702William III.William III13Stuarts (husband & co-regent of Maria II.)52Westminster Abbey
1689-1694Mary IIMary ii5Stuarts (wife & co-regent of Wilhelm III.)both English kings recognized the "Bill of Rights".
1702-1714AnneAnne Stuart5Stuarts (and first Queen of Great Britain from 1707)49May 1, 1707 Act of Union & Establishment of the Kingdom of Great Britain; Westminster Abbey
1714-1727George I.George Louis13House of Hanover67Hanover, Germany
1727-1760George IIGeorge Augustus33House of Hanover77Westminster Abbey
1760-1820George IIIGeorge William Frederick60House of Hanover82Windsor Castle
1820-1830George IVGeorge Augustus Frederick10House of Hanover68Windsor Castle
1830-1837William IVWilliam Henry7House of Hanover72Windsor Castle
1837-1901VictoriaQueen Victoria63,5House of Hanover82Windsor Castle
1901-1910Edward VIIEdward VII9Saxe-Coburg and Gotha / House of Windsor69Windsor Castle
1910-1936George V.George V.26House of Windsor71Windsor Castle
1936 (01-12)Edward VIIIEdward VIII0.9House of Windsor78Was never crowned and abdicated after only a year. Windsor Castle
1936-1952George VI.George VI.16House of Windsor57Windsor Castle
2.6.1953-todayElizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II (* April 21, 1926)68House of Windsor94She was proclaimed queen on February 6, 1952. Her husband Prince Philip died on April 9th, 2021 at the age of 99. You can find heir to the throne, princes and princesses on Current Monarchies.

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