Who invented cake in the face gag

Better Call Saul: Hoboken Squat Cobbler - does the cake fetish exist?

The Cobbler episode from the second season of Better Call Saul is already legendary, because with it Kuchen has got a new face. Men sitting in cakes - really a rare fetish? Or just hushed up? Who Invented the Squat Cobbler - the Cake Cavalier? We just do the best cake job and clear you up completely about the Full Moon Moon Pie! And the Dutch Apple Ass!

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The second season of Better Call Saul started on Netflix and yesterday the second episode ran in Germany, which had already caused a sensation in the USA. The undisputed highlight of the episode, maybe of the whole season, is the Hoboken Squat Cobbler scene. Since we don't want to spoil anyone here, we're just going to reveal that it's about embarrassing videos - fake evidence - that are supposed to show a man (Mark Proksch) sitting naked with his bum in a cake and wiggling around. And that brings us to the definition of a Hoboken Squat Cobbler.

Better Call Saul - the Squat Cobbler: The sex act needs a name

The script simply said that the man in question should sit in a cake. Bob Odenkirk, who is also a comedy writer, found it too unsexy and was of the opinion that there should be a shorter and more appropriate term for it, something like “plate job”: “Sex acts all have a name. Shouldn't there be a name for this thing? ”Yes, there should be names for this fetish. A whole series of striking and funny metaphorical descriptions of the sedentary special erotic activity were even created:

  • Hoboken (US City) Squat Cobbler - Hoboken Cake Cavalier
  • Full Moon Moon Pie - full moon poppy seed cake
  • Boston Cream Splat - Boston Cream Splat
  • Simple Simon, The Ass Man - Bake, Bake Cake, Seating
  • Dutch Apple Ass - covered apple pie

In the official podcast for the Better Call Saul series, Bob Odenkirk, Mark Proksch and Genny Hutchison discuss the Cobbler episode from Season 2. Here you can hear the full background on the Hoboken Squat Cobbler first hand:

Squat Cobbler: The name is new - is the fetish too?

It's pretty certain that at least the Hoboken Squat Cobbler will get an entry in the Urban Dictionary. But for the fetish - sitting in a cake - there are of course already entries under other names:

  • Sploshing: This is the general invasion that includes the squat cobbler and others. It denotes: The act of placing food on another person's body and usually eating it from there. There is also the noun for it Splosh. Sploshing generally means a whole-body fetish.
  • The term is more partial Cake-sitting, which precisely refers to the Squat Cobbler - the act of sitting in a cake for sexual pleasure.
  • It gets even more special when from Cake Farts the talk is, because it means the act of sitting naked on a cake and at the same time farting into this cake. Associations with chocolate cakes are of course allowed, but these images in the brain may diminish your food enjoyment, so don't take it too far!

Cake-sitting, however, has so far been mainly used in relation to women who have sat down in their birthday cakes. A well-known case of cake sitting among celebrities is Christina Anguilera, who did the same for a photo shoot for OUT magazine. You can find adult photos here.

Even on the screen, people were already sitting in the cake before it became trendy & cool thanks to the Breaking Bad offshoot Better Call Saul. Brie Larson already did this in the Showtime series United States of Tara. She played a woman who sat in birthday cake for paying men in front of the web cam.

Will we ever see the Squat Cobbler videos?

Will we ever see Daniel sitting in the cake? So far, Peter Gould only said that the videos could actually exist. Vince Gilligan claims to have seen the videos and laughed extremely about it. Both say the recordings could possibly be on the Better Call Saul Blu-ray.

On Twitter #SquatCobbler you can follow the general enthusiasm for the cake fetish and also express your own - perhaps with an inviting pastry photo! And by the way: The third season of Better Call Saul is finally confirmed!

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