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The most beautiful beaches of Cyprus It is not at all easy to determine with such a large selection: the popular Nissi Beach, the endless and lonely Golden Beach or the incredibly dreamy Blue Lagoon. On this island, one beach paradise really follows the next! I will help you and show you my absolute favorite beaches in Cyprus. Read on and look forward to your vacation!

These are the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus

Beaches near Ayia Napa | North of Cape Greco | Beaches in the northern part

Beaches in the south | Akamas Beaches | Overview map


The popular dream beaches in Ayia Napa

The southeastern tip of Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist regions, numerous hotels and beach resorts line up here. Ayia Napa in particular has grown from a small fishing village to one turbulent vacation spot developed, which attracts many tourists to its beautiful beaches during the day and to the discos on the party mile at night. Despite the development, many sections of the coast are just heavenly. Here you can spend a great holiday in Cyprus.

Favorite beach Nissi Beach

My all-time favorite is the popular one Nissi Beach. So fine white powdered sugar sand and beautiful turquoise water you would otherwise probably expect more in the Caribbean. While you have the beach almost to yourself in spring, the loungers and beach bars naturally fill up over the course of the summer and there is always more going on on the water: pedal boats, excursion boats and parasailing - nothing is missing when it comes to water sports. Even so, especially in the morning, it's just heavenly all year round. It is particularly beautiful natural sand pier, over which you come to a small rock island. Enjoy the view!

Idyllic Landa Beach

Landa Beach is almost around the corner smaller and accordingly quieter is. Here the sand is just as white and the water is also Caribbean turquoise. The travel bloggers among you can look forward to free WiFi so that you can share your best snapshots directly.

Makronissos dream bay

A little further south comes the next highlight: the beautiful one Makronissos sandy beach. Its bank leads you to one small peninsulaover which you can walk and where you can even find a small one archaeological site finds. But the view of the open sea and the surrounding bays is also unique!

Cape Greco's treasures

The Cape Greco, which stretches east of Ayia Napa, is a highlight in itself: this one National park you can go on a short hike through the rocky landscape go and discover breathtaking stone coastlines and rock formations.

Konnos: One of the most beautiful bays in Protaras

From the Cape lies the Konnos Bay right in the next bay and after the walk, waiting for you to cool off: plunge into the crystal clear water, swim around the rocks or enjoy snacks and drinks on the slightly higher, green terrace. From here you have the best view of the picturesque bay. The number of loungers and umbrellas is limited, which is why you should be there early in the high season.

Family paradise Fig Tree Bay

Also the Fig Tree Bay is just heavenly and, with its gently sloping water, is perfect for children. The bigger ones are waiting here again wide range of water sportsthat leaves nothing to be desired: From water skiing and wakeboarding, to kayaking, stand-up paddling and parasailing, to speedboats and wild air cushion rides - you will definitely not get bored here. By the way, you can find the long one right around the corner Sandy Sunrise Beach, where a selection of great hotels awaits you, in case you don't want to leave this paradise.

The adventurous north

The Northern part of Cyprus is still occupied by Turkish people and stands out not only culturally but also in terms of landscape from the lively south: On your road trip through the north you will drive through large, largely undeveloped parts of the country and many remote stretches of coast discover.

Varosha beach ghost town near Famagusta

This unique beach probably doesn't quite fit into the series of perfect dream beaches: abandoned hotels, collapsing facades and restricted military area - that doesn't sound particularly inviting at first. Time has stood still here since 1974 and admittedly, there is no real feel-good atmosphere here.

Time has stood still here since 1974.

The former tourist stronghold became one almost overnight with the Turkish invasion Ghost town, in which since then the huge hotel buildings have gradually decayed into nature. A really exciting place and absolutely worth seeing! And - you have to give him that - if you lie here in the fine sand and look at the crystal clear water, you understand why this place was so popular in the past.

The lonely dunes on Golden Beach

At the very top of the Cyprus map, at the northernmost tip is the Diskarpaz peninsula. Anyone who has undertaken the long way here will be rewarded with an idyllic landscape and what is probably the wildest side of Cyprus.

Diskarpaz - probably the wildest side of Cyprus

You won't find any hotels, beach bars, loungers or umbrellas here, but you can dreamlike sand dunes and super clean water. So that it stays that way, you should definitely take your rubbish back into town with you, because there are also no rubbish bins. Even if this beach is sometimes approached by tourist buses, most of the time you have the beach all to yourself.

Guru tip:If you've made it this far, you should definitely drive a little further north for a breathtaking view of the Golden Beach to have and on wild donkey to meet calmly trotting across the street here.

The turtle beach Alagadi

It is similarly overgrown on Alagadi Beach east of Girne too. On this idyllic sandy beach, which is served by a endless dune landscape is surrounded, you can leave the stress of everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the tourist strongholds behind you on long walks on the beach and just enjoy nature. You should definitely keep your eyes open, because this is where you are building Turtles nests in the sand for their offspring worth protecting, which hatch in mid-August.

The historic south coast

The south of Cyprus is with tourists Popular, which in addition to the diverse range of accommodation, the good infrastructure and connection to the motorway also in numerous historical sites and beautiful coastlines. The big cities of Larnaka, Limassol and Paphos all have their own pretty beaches, but I'll show you what you should definitely see on the sections in between!

The contrasting Governors Beach

You will find the between Larnaka and Limassol, also easily accessible from Nicosia via the A1 Governors Beach. As soon as you walk towards the cliffs from the parking lot, you are faced with a unique sight: Nowhere on the island can you see it like this white rocks and dark sand like here! The rocky coast was carved into spectacular formations by wind and water. A few steps and a little climbing will take you to the beautiful beach, where you can make yourself really comfortable. After swimming you will find refreshment in the restaurant above the beach, from whose terrace you can relax fantastic view can enjoy.

Kourion: History meets beach paradise

Info and tipsKourion Archaeological Site:
  • Place / Location: on the B6 in Episkopi, west of Limassol
  • Entrance fee: 4,50€
  • Opening hours: Sep-Apr 8.30am-5pm, Apr-Sep 8.30am-7.30pm

The huge one historical excavation site can be found west of Limassol in the British base area. Here you will discover beautiful mosaics, a Greco-Roman theater, stone columns and many on your walk through the archaeological park impressive ruins. But the best thing is the view that you have from up here of the rocky coast, the generous expanse of Episkopi Bay and the endless sea. Below the park you can meet at Kourion Beach then plunge into the water after sightseeing, soak up the sun on the loungers and enjoy the delicious Greek food in the Chris Blue Beach tavern right on the beach.

The legendary rock of Aphrodite

As you have probably already noticed, on Cyprus you can follow the trail of the gods who have left their traces all over the island. The most exciting stories revolve around the legendary Petra tou Romiou.

Here the goddess of love Aphrodite rose from the sea

Because here is the one Goddess of love Aphrodite to have risen from the sea, which is why the picturesque gravel bay too Aphrodite Beach is called. According to legend, you should swim three times around the rock of Aphrodite on a full moon night in order to achieve eternal youth and beauty. My advice: A little less risky and from a definitely better point of view, you experience that Aphrodite's rockif you stop a little further east on the B6 and look out over the bay from there. A perfect panorama motif!

Beaches in Akamas National Park

Akamas is the name of the peninsula at the western tip of Cyprus. In this National park Aside from the overcrowded city beaches, you will find untouched nature and beautiful paths that invite you to hike. My favorite path is this Aphrodite Trail, on which you can discover the diverse flora of Cyprus and wild goats while enjoying the most beautiful view of the coast. You can also get to beaches here via adventurous paths.

Secluded beach paradise Lara Beach

Also the Lara Beach is located in the national park. In this beautiful natural bay you will definitely find some distance and enough space for you. In the off-season it can get almost lonely here. The beach is a bit more remote and can be reached via an unpaved road. The way from the parking lot to the beach is also rather difficult - so perfect for the more adventurous among you! Similar to Alagadi Beach in the north, you are here in the nature reserve close byTortoise breeding groundsthat you should definitely keep your distance from.

A dream in turquoise: The Blue Lagoon

Definitely one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my time in Cyprus is that Blue Lagoon. As the name suggests, you will find wonderfully blue and crystal clear water here. The remote lagoon you can either reach breakneck by quad on gravel roads from Aphrodite's bath or you choose the easier route and start one in Latsirelaxed boat tour. In this way, you are comfortably shuttled to the best corners of the bay and can jump into the heavenly water from the railing.

The most beautiful beaches in Cyprus at a glance

Would you like to visit all the beaches one after the other? Then it's best to grab a cheap rental car and set off. To yours ultimate road trip To plan along the coast, I have you the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus here again on one clear map marked.

Now you've got a rough idea of ​​how many and different beaches Cyprus has to offer - pretty versatile, right? Personally, it was really not easy for me to choose between all the wonderful bays, so I advise you: Swimwear in the car, drive off and try them all out! Or have you even been there and still have a very special insider tip? Let me know! In any case, I'm looking forward to visiting the island again soon. The suitable offers you can find me!

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