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Interest calculator for a one-time investment

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The interest calculator optionally calculates final capital, term, interest rate or initial capital for one-off investments - optionally with or without compound interest, and with interest within the year, either linearly or exponentially.

The final capital achieved including interest is:
Total interest:
yearinvested capital
at the beginning of the year
interestTotal interestCapital including interest
At the end of the year
to hum

The interest calculator uses the input data to determine the required initial capital, the interest rate, the term or the resulting final capital including interest.

Using the output table, the interest calculator also shows the course of the credit development and lists for each year the capital invested at the beginning of the year, the interest credit accruing at the end of the year, the previous sum of the interest credits and the total capital at the end of each year.

The interest calculator allows you to calculate with or without compound interest.

If the calculation is carried out without compound interest, the capital invested is the same as the initial capital each year, since the interest is not reinvested.

If compound interest is taken into account, on the other hand, the interest credits are added to the invested capital every year and henceforth also interest.

In the case of terms with an incomplete number of years, mixed interest is calculated, provided that the linear interest rate during the year has been discontinued. This means that the compound interest calculation is initially used for the entire year, but interest is paid for the last fraction of the year with simple interest, as is customary in banking practice for savings deposits.

In addition, a tax rate with an annual tax allowance can be specified in the interest calculator to take into account the new withholding tax.

Use the savings calculator to take into account regular deposits such as monthly savings installments (also with dynamics).