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After one week in Lima I decide to leave the capital behind for now and go discover some of the various wonders that Peru has to offer. My next destination is Huaraz, a town surrounded by mountains and glaciers that lies in 3000 meters above sea level. Prepared for the worst in terms of altitude sickness I board the bus and wake up the next morning at 6am in Huaraz. Somehow I had this feeling that I would be fine and indeed I am. Of course I have to catch my breath and mere walking can be an exhausting activity in these dizzy heights but other than that: tout va bien. Huaraz is also home to honking cars and stray dogs, lots of them, adorable dogs that sleep in the midday sun. You feel like it is winter and summer every day here. Freezing nights with only about two degrees celsius and warm afternoons when temperatures climb up to 22 degrees. Strolling around in the city, meeting people, walking to a viewpoint, trying traditional ice cream and going to bed early on the first day. On the second day I go on one of the most famous treks in the area: the Laguna 69. There are moments when I really just want to sit down and not get up again, or be teletransported back to the bus. It is one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done. The mountain just seems to grow bigger and bigger and my steps become smaller and smaller. But eventually, I, we, get there. And it is so worth the physical strain. It is litterally breathtaking! Nature produces wonders and they are right there in front of us. Such blue that you are not completely sure whether you can trust your eyes.

On day three, another short hike, which is a piece of cake compared to the first one. I know how to breath now, soaking in the thin air through my nose and pushing it out through my mouth, again and again. At the top, at 5200 meters we see a glacier and a lake. Beautiful.

It is difficult, or rather impossible to pack all the experiences in some paragraphs. And this is just a glimpse, but here you go:

Change of scenery: to the beach. Huanchaco, little beach town next to Trujillo, further up north. Relaxing days, watching surfers, parler francais, being a tourist attraction. Puedo tomar una foto con ustedes? Fair hair and blue eyes.

You wander and you wander. You get to see and to experience in abundance. It is a constant finding and losing, a succession of encountering, disappearing and keeping. Layers of memories that build high walls. Walls that you need to break down from time to time to catch sight of new horizons.
The wind in the hair, where does it take me?
I really don't know. But what about I take your hand for now and we walk togehter? What about we meet, at new horizons?

I found a cute little café and this is where I am right now. If I stayed in Huanchaco, this café would become my "Les gens que j’aime" probably. I love places that instantly feel like you've arrived, like you are exactly where you are supposed to be in that moment.

I am sure you would like it too here.