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WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyday life for many. The unofficial successor to SMS is used millions of times a day and is very popular. We usually use the well-known messenger to write short text messages, send pictures and videos, and record voice messages. The unique app makes our life more flexible, easier and, above all, more communicative. We have 100 smart ones WhatsApp sayings selected for you that fit every life and emotional situation. Whether funny or sad, about love or life - we always have a suitable saying or a nice quote ready. Of course, our collection is also ideal for WhatsApp status.

Enjoy the moment before it becomes a memory - WhatsApp sayings

1. Artificial intelligence has no chance against natural stupidity.

2. It is not important to go through the wall with your head, but to find the door with your eyes.

3. Take time for your friends, otherwise your friends will take away your time.

4. Why go on foot? I have four healthy tires after all!

5. Enjoy the moment before it becomes a memory.

6. The three worst evils are stupidity, laziness and cowardice.

7. Only a fool does not make experiments.
Charles Darwin

8. No one was in your life without a reason. One was a gift, the other a lesson.

9. What you have, many can have. But nobody can be what you are.

10. If two people always have the same opinion, both are no good.
Konrad Adenauer

Laugh with many but only trust a few - WhatsApp sayings

11. Take the time to think, but when the time to act comes, stop thinking and go.
Andrew Jackson

12. What I always overdose on myself are rice, pasta and thoughts.

13. Whoever has room in another person's heart is never alone.

14. Laugh with many but trust only a few.

15. Patience is trust that everything will come when the time is right.

16. If you see the sea in the rearview mirror, you are driving in the wrong direction.

17. A good relationship is like hairspray: perfect hold without sticking.

18. I still owe my dreams a life, do you?

19. If you want to fly, you have to let go of what is pulling you down.

20. How valuable it is to have someone to think aloud next to.

What you have, many can have. But nobody can be what you are - WhatsApp sayings

21. Sometimes the path only shows itself when you start to walk it.
Paulo Coelho

22. Time is precious, waste it wisely.

23. Don't give up what's important to you just because it's not easy.
Albert Einstein

24. One does not measure priceless in money. But in feelings.

25. This is not a mess in my apartment, this is my interpretation of “creative living”.

26. What kind of picture are you giving off? No idea! I haven't finished the puzzle yet.

27. Where others despair, I only begin to get really good!

28. Social network used to be called: Outside.

29. The only dates I have right now are updates.

30. I am responsible for what I say, not what you understand.

Artificial intelligence has no chance against natural stupidity - WhatsApp sayings

31. Do what you can. With what you have Where you are

32. Fruits ripen through the sun, people through love.
Julius Langbehn

33. Found myself. Wasn't that difficult at all, stood next to me.

34. The human mind blossoms in creativity and dies in routine.
Vilayat Khan

35. The most important kind of freedom is to be who you really are.
Jim Morrison

36. Those who walk the path of truth do not stumble.

37. Don't spend the time looking for an obstacle. Maybe there isn't one.
Franz Kafka

38. Who actually prevents us from doing what we expect from others?

39. For fear of doing wrong, many do nothing. And that is exactly the wrong thing to do.

40. Did you fail? Excellent! That means you tried something!

41. Many people only hear half of it ... Understand a quarter and tell twice as much!

42. I have no quirks. These are special effects!

43. Today is the day of thinking. It's a shame that so few can celebrate it.

44. Those with personality are always found outside the pack.

45. Every story has a happy ending, you just have to decide when to stop telling.

46. ​​Keep the exit free! Endure freedom!

47. Whiskey is good for snakebites, so it should not be missing in any bedroom.
Mark Twain

48. The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of cleverness.

49. Lift up your words, not your voice. It is the rain that makes the flowers grow, not the storm.

50. Natural mind can replace almost any degree of education, but no education can replace natural mind.
Arthur Schopenhauer

51. I am not "different", I am myself.

52. Fate shuffles the cards, but most of the time you play the game.

53. Growing up is similar to being old: everyone wants to be one, but nobody wants to be one.

54. Reality is for people who are afraid of unicorns.

55. I didn't fall, I attacked the ground.

56. I'm sorry, I don't have the patience or the colored pencils to explain it to you.

57. Whoever sits in a glass house should turn off the light at night.

58. Meditating is better than doing nothing.

59. Better relaxed from the stool than hectic over a corner table.

60. No matter how much money you have, there is sea on the beach.

61. The ability to live happily comes from a power inherent in the soul.
Marc Aurel

62. There is no impossibility, there is only inability.

63. I don't want everyone to like me. The affection of certain people would even make me sink in self-esteem.
Henry James

64. Believe in what is not yet so that it can become.

65. Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is.
Henry Ford

66. Value good company, even when you are alone.

67. Always keep an eye on the stars and keep your feet on the ground!

68. Nonsense in the head is the perfect airbag for the soul.

69. The brave do not live forever. But the fearful do not live at all.

70. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are lost if you don't try.
Beverly Sills

71. Millions long for immortality and don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Susan Ertz

72. Nobody, not even the poets, has ever judged how much the heart can withstand.
Zelda Fitzgerald

73. No one is so crazy that he cannot find someone even crazier who understands him.
Friedrich Nietzsche

74. Things work best where we don't take them so seriously, suddenly one stone fits another.

75. Trust your heart because you will succeed in anything if you believe in yourself.

76. Some things do not have to be discussed in full adulthood, it is enough if you stick your tongue out at them with complete confidence.

77. The ultimate tactic for self-inflicted disasters: stay where it happened and hope that so much courage impresses.

78. You have the brains of Brainy Smurf, the courage of Superman and the strength of Popeye.

79. The world belongs to whoever enjoys it.
Giacomo Leopardi

80 ... and you will see: in the vortex of time, the last problem will also be of the role at some point!

81. Love is basically a chemical reaction. But it's fun looking for the formula.
Hildegard Knef

82. These are not forehead lines. That's a six-pack from thinking!

83. It is rude to talk while I interrupt you!

84. Yes, I know I'm lazy ... But I'm lying about it!

85. Can someone please hold a candle to me!

86. No person is perfect, but everyone is unique in their own way.

87. Whoever believes to be something has ceased to become something.

88. Happiness is something that can be given without having it.

89. It is lucky not to have the bad luck of others.
Klaus Klages

90. It is always easier to have the last word than to take the first step.

91. Never be faster than your guardian angel.

92. I am not small, I am only reduced to the best.

93. False friends believe rumors. Real friends believe in you.

94. I don't just believe in myself. I know, I really exist!

95. Better an honest devil than a sanctimonious angel.

96. My rough edges make me really round.

97. Better secretly clever than incredibly stupid.

98. We are the people our parents always warned us about. And now we have children too.

99. You can underestimate me. That will be funny!

100. Those who remain silent do not always agree. He just doesn't feel like arguing with idiots sometimes.
Albert Einstein