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Which smoker doesn't know it? Once you've started smoking, you won't get it that fast stop smoking. Because smoking is an addiction. It is "only" a psychological addiction; which means that the addiction only comes from the head or from the thinking; but that is enough for many people to be a lifelong smoker.

But there are also many people who have managed to quit smoking permanently. Now the question is how did they do it? What tools can be used to help you quit smoking? A good and proven resource are these excellent smoking cessation books.

The best overview of all books worth reading about smoking cessation and quitting smoking for good can be found here.

Quit smoking: non-smokers forever! The easy way to quit smoking permanently

The book “Forever non-smokers! The easy way to quit smoking permanently ”was written by Allen Carr and hit the German book market on October 1st, 2000. This book promises to help you quit smoking permanently. And that without shocking the reader with the possible consequences of smoking and without prescribing certain rules of conduct. Rather, the book starts with the inner attitude of the smoker, which should be changed so that smoking cessation can succeed. The book is called a counselor that is psychologically sound. “Forever non-smokers” is the “Pope” stop smoking - Books and a very good start.

The author himself smoked for 25 years and even after the death of his father, which was caused by lung cancer, he did not manage to give up smoking. After 25 years of immense smoking, Allen Carr managed to give in to addiction with his specially developed self-help method. For the time being, he only recommended this method in seminars or one-on-one meetings. Meanwhile, his method has spread all over the world.

Allen Carr takes on the role of coach or teacher in this book, and builds his reader up again and again. He understands his readers and gives them that in this book. Allen Carr is very humorous and funny in this book, and persuades his reader that it is fun to quit smoking. At the end of the book he asks his reader to smoke his last cigarette now. But that is usually no longer necessary.


The book has helped many readers to give up smoking permanently without the constant urge to smoke a cigarette. Many readers managed to quit smoking at the beginning of the book. It is precisely because of this success that this book is highly recommended for people who want to quit smoking and who cannot do it without help.

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Quit smoking: finally non-smokers! - - Without Gaining Weight -: The Easy Way to Quit Smoking

The book “Finally non-smokers! - Without Gaining Weight -: The Easy Way to Quit Smoking was written by Allen Carr, who is known around the world today and who has helped many people quit smoking. The book was published on September 17, 2012 on the German book market. The book makes clear claims by some people that they will gain weight if they quit smoking.

This myth is widespread and has been confirmed by many people. Allen Carr refutes this myth, claiming that there are simple ways to quit smoking while maintaining your weight. This also happens without him specifying rules of conduct that the reader has to adhere to. Even without such rules, he manages to get the reader to think about his addiction to the cigarette and to question it. Quitting smoking without gaining weight is clearly possible

With this book, Allen Carr manages to make the reader aware of the possible consequences of smoking. However, this is done without constraints and pressure, which is probably what makes this book such a great success.


Because many people have already been convinced by Allen Carr and his book and have managed to quit smoking in the long term. In addition, instead of gaining weight, many people have lost weight.
Ultimately, this book is recommended for all people who want to quit smoking and are afraid of gaining weight. Allen Carr convinces the reader with a lot of humor and manages to influence his psyche in a very informal way.

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Quitting Smoking: Smoking Break - How the Unconscious Helps You Forget Smoking

The book "Rauchpause - How the unconscious helps to forget to smoke" was written by the author Maja Storch. Maja Storch is a psychologist and psychoanalyst from Switzerland and accordingly has a psychological influence on the reader with her book. The book is especially suitable for people who do not want to be reeducated, but have already toyed with the idea several times and want to quit smoking. It has 133 pages, which is very little and is therefore also suitable for people who do not necessarily like to read. The book is a step-by-step guide that explains how to systematically quit smoking.

Maja Storch takes the view in her book that the things one associates with a cigarette are not just an illusion, but real. She reminds herself what smoking means to some people. Mostly it's things like the unadjusted and the feeling of self-determination. It is precisely these feelings that she would like to convey to people who want to quit smoking.

That is why she develops a self-image in her book that combines positive and negative reasons for smoking. When the reader embodies this self-image, it feels good to them to actually quit smoking and stay consistent. Furthermore, Maja Storch searches for alternatives in her book, for well-worn smoking situations. This refers to situations in which the smoker automatically lights a cigarette. This can be the case, for example, at the bus stop, over coffee in the morning or at the red light. These situations are the most challenging of any quitting smoker.


Despite the small number of pages, the book has a lot of input. Maja Storch asks the reader in her book again and again to reflect critically on their own behavior and has exercises ready to help the reader to quit smoking as a health project. This book has already convinced many people and supported them on their way to becoming non-smokers. Quitting smoking becomes very pleasant and easy this way.

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Quit smoking: And it clicks in your head !: How to simply quit smoking and become a happy non-smoker without withdrawal symptoms or weight gain.

The above book was written by the author Jochen Kaufmann. It consists of 140 pages and was published in Germany in 2010. It is therefore also suitable for people who do not like to pick up books. The book promises to help readers become smoke-free without having to put up with weight gain or withdrawal symptoms. It appeals to the reader with the benefits of a smoke-free life, such as whiter teeth or fewer wrinkles. The author himself is a former smoker and therefore manages to understand and motivate his reader. For Jochen Kaufmann, quitting smoking is a lifestyle.

In his book, Jochen Kaufmann lists the disadvantages and consequences of smoking without taking on the role of the moral apostle. He is very direct in his choice of words, which has a special influence on the reader. He believes that anyone who understands and internalizes these negative aspects of smoking leads to a will to give up once and for all. Quitting smoking is therefore a must.


By providing targeted information about quitting smoking that many people are not yet aware of, the author manages to help his reader really quit smoking. The book is very successful with many people and has also helped a great many people to quit smoking for a long time. This partly happened halfway through the book, which speaks for its success. A clear recommendation to quit smoking.

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Quitting smoking: The smoke trap: The secret fear of smokers of not smoking

The book "The smoke trap: The smokers' secret fear of not smoking" was written by the author Franz Wilhelm Bauer and consists of 120 pages. This book takes a completely different approach than conventional books that aim to teach quitting smoking. In this book, Franz Wilhelm Bauer argues that the smoker does not manage to give up smoking because he is afraid of not smoking.

With his self-deprecating manner and humorous writing, he succeeds in ensuring that even non-smokers understand smokers and that smokers no longer feel like smoking. This book deals with the topic of addiction, describes the negative sides of addiction to the reader and, last but not least, deals with fear. Above all, however, biological processes that take place through smoking are described. With precisely these approaches to the subject of smoking and the critical examination of smoking, Franz Wilhelm Bauer manages with this book to get his reader to quit smoking for good without regretting it afterwards. Quitting smoking becomes really possible through these insights into your body and mind.

Franz Wilhelm Bauer takes the view in his book that many smokers are afraid of being non-smokers and that this fear manifests itself in withdrawal symptoms. He explains this view in such detail that the reader feels addressed and is ultimately convinced of it.


The book has already helped many people to successfully quit smoking and to permanently get out of nicotine addiction. It is very interesting precisely because it deals with many different points with a very small number of pages. Franz Wilhelm Bauer also brings a lot of humor into his texts. The book is very captivating and has a tremendous impact on the reader. Quitting smoking can also be taught in an insightful and humorous way.

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