What is the best shisha tobacco flavor

The 14 best shisha tobacco varieties for 2021

Tobacco types, manufacturers and brands - we know many of them. If you haven't been smoking shisha since yesterday, you will know how big the selection is. It is correspondingly difficult to make a selection with the best shisha tobacco varieties to create. A TOP 3 was not enough, a TOP 10 would not have been enough and so we had to create a TOP 14. So one thing is certain: there are enough really good shisha tobacco varieties. Here are our shisha tobacco recommendations!

Melo from 7Days

Nutritionists say a daily serving of fruit is good for your health. Our Melo tobacco differs - among other things, of course! - by the fact that it does not contain any fructose, does not require a napkin, and still has Honeydew melon tastes good. By using high-quality ingredients such as first-class Virginia tobacco, the best smoking properties and of course an excellent taste are achieved.

Here you can buy Melo from 7Days!


Electro Smog - Booty Call

Officially, of course, we have no idea how to get from peach comes on Booty. But we know all the better that fruit lovers have this flavor, which was designed by the well-known rapper Fler, in their personal charts Best shisha tobacco varieties will record. Of course there is more Shisha tobacco varieties of electro smog, but we recommend these to anyone who wants to try the brand first.

Here you can buy Booty Call from Electro Smog!


Social Smoke - Pandora's Box

Legend has it that once Pandora's box has been opened, no one can close it. No wonder with the taste! Social smoke combined here Cherry flavor with that certain something in the form of cinnamon and thus creates a first-class representative on our list Best shisha tobacco.

Here you can buy Pandora's Box from Social Smoke!


Steel Woodpecker - Green Hell

What do we think of it if a steel woodpecker wants to kidnap us into the green hell? It's simple: a lot of fruit ends up on your plate! With Apple, raspberry, strawberry and grape Let's fly across the greenhouse and take what kind of one with us Shisha tobacco recommendation needs.

Here you can buy Green Hell from Stahl-Specht!


Bushido Tobacco - Sunbed Flavor

If there is just not enough for a holiday in the sunny south, thanks to this aroma it tastes good Lime, mango and peach at least the shisha afterwards. Behind this tobacco product line is of course none other than rap legend Bushido, who is doing common cause with the well-known manufacturer True Passion and is bringing a total of 10 flavors onto the market. Best shisha tobacco from this series is in our opinion Sunbed Flavor.

Here you can buy Sunbed Flavor from Bushido Tabak!


Al Wazir - Spring Break

Best shisha tobacco varieties also from Al Wazir, here with the tasty combination Grapefruit and honeydew melon. A water pipe can hardly taste more summery. High-quality flavors and the finest Virginia tobacco make this product one of our shisha tobacco recommendations.

Here you can buy Al Wazir's Spring Break!


Magic Smoke - The Green Mile

Basically, it doesn't take a lot of magic because pear Always tastes good - also and especially in the version of Magic smokethat made it into our list of the best shisha tobacco varieties.

Here you can buy The Green Mile from Magic Smoke!


Capital Bra - Delicious Delicious

Capital Bra is not only one of Germany's and Austria's most successful rappers, but has also launched its own tobacco line, as is now common in the scene. In short: the name says it all. The taste resembles that of a very specific one white praline with coconut, which bears the name of an Italian Renaissance painter. Preferably Tasty tasty just try it because it tastes good.

Here you can buy Lecker Lecker from Capital Bra!


Milano - Bulging Eyes

With Milano let's stay in Italy: Bulging eyes combined Blueberry and lychee with a touch of icy freshness to a fascinating aroma. For the basic tobacco, they are satisfied with nothing less than Virginia Gold class 1.

Here you can buy Bulging Eyes from Milano!


Cavalier Tobacco - Ultra Instinct

Instinctively the right choice: Orange and currant unite here to one Top hookah tobacco. Cavalier Luxury Shisha Tobacco is no stranger to the market, because behind it is the well-known brand True Passion. And as you know it from True Passion with its many years of experience, the taste, smoke development and smoking properties of this tobacco are also spot on.

Here you can buy Ultra Instinct from Cavalier Tobacco!


Holster tobacco - Ice Kaktuz

Fruity prickly pearthat makes your tongue tingle when you smoke. The top product from Holster tobacco has been on the market since 2019 and has enjoyed a growing fan base since then. Ice cactus is really a unique taste experience and is therefore also a top shisha tobacco for us.

Here you can buy Ice Kaktuz from Holster Tabak!


O’s tobacco - African Queen

No less than 16 flavors combine all of Africa in one can. O’s Tobacco African Queen of Doobacco combines a bulging fruit basket based on class 1 Virginia tobacco in a fine cut and ready-to-smoke condition.

Here you can buy African Queen from O’s Tobacco!


187 Street gang - Hamburg

Hamburg doesn't taste like fish market, it tastes like it Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and currant. The whole thing on the basis of first-class Virginia tobacco. The well-known rappers have already presented some really good tobacco varieties, but they do Hamburg probably the best known of them all. After all, is also the hometown of 187 street gang.

Here you can buy Hamburg from the 187 street gang!


Adalya - Love 66

Best shisha tobacco with watermelon, honeydew melon and passion fruit from Adalya, one of the largest tobacco manufacturers with production sites in Germany and Turkey. The supplier, well-known in specialist circles, comes with its extensive product range to more than 500 flavors worldwide and also offers Love 66 a tasty shisha tobacco with optimal moisture.

Here you can buy Love 66 from Adalya!


Tip: Love 66 tastes particularly good combined with Adalya ATH Mix Love 66:

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