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The meaning of rose colors - this is how you give the right bouquet of roses

Many people think that you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses as a gift, it is suitable for every occasion. However, this is only partially true. Even if it is not so well known these days, every bouquet of roses has its meaning. You can read about the meanings of the rose colors here.

The red rose has the most meanings

  • It is probably also the most famous rose color. If you only give a single red rose, this means that the recipient has won the heart of the recipient. If it is a bouquet of several red roses, it means love and admiration.
  • If you want to confess your love to your loved one, red rose buds are a little more suitable. They mean hope and that love will blossom. It is perfect if this rose has no thorns either, because this means hope and persistence. However, it should definitely have leaves. If a rose has no leaves and thorns, it stands for hopelessness and resignation.
  • If you want to thank someone, a single light red rose with a small rose head is the best choice.
  • Red and yellow roses in a bouquet signify a lack of trust and jealousy. You should therefore avoid this combination in love relationships - unless you want to symbolize exactly this.
  • Another combination, beautiful to look at but dangerous, is a single red rose with a single white rose. These rose colors mean war. If you want to avoid this, you should not choose this combination to surprise your loved one.
  • If there are several white and red roses in a bouquet, this is an invitation to unity and warmth of heart. These rose colors are therefore particularly suitable after an argument.
  • A deep red, almost black rose is a threat. This rose should also be avoided if one does not want any trouble.

Other rose colors also have their meanings

  • Several yellow roses in a bouquet stand for reconciliation and mean: I forgive you. The best choice after an argument.
  • A salmon-colored rose symbolizes admiration. It is often given as a gift after performances such as theater performances or when they graduate from school.
  • Pink roses mean shyness and tender love. But they also symbolize that you don't want to rush the recipient and give them time. A suitable choice for a fresh love affair.
  • White roses have two meanings: On the one hand, they symbolize innocence and purity and are often given at church celebrations such as baptisms, communions and confirmations. The probably more well-known meaning of this rose color is death. These are often used in funeral bouquets. For example, white roses should never be brought when visiting the sick.

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