What expression on God's green earth

Idiom: Tohuwabohu

This time we will explain to you what is hidden behind the expression "Tohuwabohu" and what it means

Julian and Marie play together: first on the train, then many different board games. The whole room is a mess, with books and clothes between the toys, sports and school supplies. When her mother came into the room in the evening, she clasped her hands over her head: "What a hustle and bustle there is here!"

How the term "Tohuwabohu" came about

What is there in the nursery? Tohuwabohu means that there is a great deal of disorder.

The term Tohuwabohu comes from Hebrew and appears in the Old Testament of the Bible: "Bereshith bara elohim et hashamajim v’et ha'arez, v’ha'arez hajtah tohu vavohu." Martin Luther translated it as follows: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth. And the earth was desolate and empty" (Genesis 1,1-2). You have surely noticed that "tohu vavohu" means "desolate and empty" in German. This desert and emptiness on earth, that is, this disorder, is judged by God during creation. Based on this, the phrase "what a hubbub" arose.

Julian and Marie reassure their mother: "Don't worry, we'll still find everything we're looking for."