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"The COUP is a gift from Allah"

Pokémon Go Of People and Monsters p. 53 JULY 17, 2016 NO. 29 B * Competitive sport What the genes reveal p. 18 Digital heritage A man fights against Apple renovation On the back of the tenants GERMANY'S BIG SUNDAY NEWSPAPER p. 13 p. 41 FOUNDED IN 1948 PRICE D € 3.90 IN THIS ISSUE Redefine justice Green boss Cem Özdemir on the weakness of the SPD, referendums and the situation in Turkey Politics p. 4 Hunters of the Storm They follow storms and tornadoes day and night. About thunderstorm hunters in Germany life p. 23 A tragic accident They were fencers, friends and opponents in a world championship fight in 1982, which only one survived sport p. 27 Shortly before twelve Italy has been economically stricken for years. So far it has been going well. But how much longer? Economy p. 33 Finding is everything Google boss Sundar Pichai talks about taxes, Brexit and the future of Internet search. Economy p. 36 “The PUTSCH is a gift from Allah” Return of a rebel Hollywood star, shoplifter and then a career turnaround. Now Winona Ryder is back Style p. 62 ERDOGAN he scenes from Saturday night were reminiscent of a civil war: fighter jets over Istanbul, bombing raids on Parliament, tanks on the Bosphorus Bridge. More than 260 people were killed in an attempted coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by parts of the military. After fierce fighting, the VON S. BOLZEN, C. KADE, J. SCHUSTER AND A. TAUBER government declared the coup to be over on Saturday and announced far-reaching clean-up measures. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a total of 2,839 military personnel had been arrested. The putschists are said to come primarily from the ranks of the gendarmerie and the air force. A group called the "Council for Peace in the Country" said on television on Friday evening that the army had taken power and wanted to restore "constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms" in the country. Erdogan accuses the movement of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who lives in US exile, of being behind the coup attempt and has demanded extradition. Gülen himself firmly denied the accusation. The movement has a large network of schools and businesses in Turkey, as well as considerable influence in the media, police and judiciary. On Saturday, a far-reaching restructuring in the Turkish judicial apparatus became known: The leadership dismissed 2,745 judges, and five public prosecutors in Ankara were released from their duties, and investigations are ongoing. In addition, the Turkish authorities have cordoned off the Incirlik air force base near the Syrian border, which is also used by the German armed forces. It is from there that the international fight against the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) is waged. The rest of the world reacted with concern to developments in Turkey. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sharply condemned the attempted coup in Turkey. At the same time, she called on the Turkish government for more rule of law. "Especially when dealing with those responsible for last night's tragic events, the rule of law should prove itself." Merkel emphasized that Turkey is a country "with which we are closely connected". You are in close contact with the German soldiers at the Turkish military base Incirlik to ensure their safety. Green party leader Cem Özdemir fears that the Turkish president is now exploiting the situation for his own interests. "Erdogan will not miss the opportunity, not just the war of the lone perpetrators Pages 2, 3, 4 and 11 Special Treatment Minister Manuel Valls is convinced:" This is a terrorist who, without a doubt, in one way or another with the radical Islamism was connected. "President François Hollande included the attack in the Islamist terror series in France:" We are facing a fight that will be long because we have an enemy that will strike again and again against all peoples, all countries, for freedom is the greatest good. ”Indeed, the attack in Nice looks like something out of a manual of jihad. Years ago, the Yemeni al-Qaida called on LebenVON FLORIAN FLADE de Muslims to drive cars in crowds. The IS also ordered amok drives - this was particularly noticeable in the hearings. According to one of the countries of the anti-IS coalition, all of them have been sentenced to prison for driving alcohol. Via Facebook, Twiter lost his job as a haulage driver, WhatsApp make jihadists ren. He had beaten his opponent in the accident tempting fans in the west with a wooden pallet. Offer: Become a total of five people from the end of us through your deed. Hero status and martyrs around the assassin were intum as reward for murder and suicide. between arrested. On Saturday, about 40 elite police officers stormed like a bomb: The truck with which the assassin was investigated. She made them big sorcerers a small apartment in which the crowd drove, was riddled with police bullets because it was being riddled with to normality. Near the train station. It would be no surprise if a person was arrested there. Two people had already been taken into custody on Friday. People who followed this lure for extremist bot- also Bouhlel. Thirty-six companies, including the assassin's wife, could not be accessed for extremely hours after his terrorist voyage was ruled out. Lahouaiej Bouhlel lived in a small rental company to win brutal actions without necessarily having the IS to bless the deed: “The person who carried out the fatal operation in Nice was one to have been trained. Cazeneuve called everyone flat in Nice. His wife is said to have separated from him geiApps 38. He allegedly has three children with her. willing “patriotic citizen” to become a reserve soldier of the Islamic State ”, the IS pages 5 and 6 had neighbors describe him as calm, but with the security forces on. Also know pre-news agency. a propensity for violence. His father, who lives in Tunisia, says his son never went to the mosque, drank alcohol, took drugs and was depressed at times. From the point of view of the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, however, Bouhlel can very quickly become radical - AP / SASHA GOLDSMITH every France and again the same pattern: a perpetrator out of nowhere, 84 dead - as it is called in the technical jargon, a "soft target" - and everything ends in the hail of bullets from the police. The security authorities are apparently powerless against this new form of terrorism. The motive of the Nice assassin Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel is still unclear. He was not known to the French secret services as an Islamist. It was only as a petty criminal that the man, born in Tunisia in 1985 and with a residence permit in France, was able to thoroughly clean up the military and finally implement his project of a constitutional amendment with the aim of absolute rule. Even the few critical media can certainly not expect anything good, ”Özdemir told this newspaper. Under this leadership, EU membership is unimaginable. Criticism also comes from Brussels. “The failed coup serves Erdogan as legitimation for the accelerated restructuring of Turkey. This makes Turkey a difficult partner for Europe and America, ”said MEP Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP). EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU) warned Erdogan of further restrictions on fundamental rights. "I expect that we will continue our cooperation strictly according to the rule of law," Oettinger told this newspaper. Otherwise Turkey threatens foreign policy isolation. ZIPPERTS WORD ZUM SONNTAG NIZZA W GOKHAN TAN / GETTY IMAGES D The Turkish President uses the failed attempt at overthrow to rebuild the state. The West Is Deeply Concerned Off to Britannia! Health insurance companies repeatedly criticize the quality of IGeL services. But many patients have no idea that they have just made use of a paid service. If the doctor shakes hands to greet you, he can account for it either as heat treatment, chakra control or as an energy field transfer. The handshake of a medical graduate contains around fifty times more energy than that of an unemployed high school dropout. This is as good as scientifically proven. Measuring intraocular pressure is still one of the most popular and useless IGeL services, especially among orthopedists, dentists and proctologists. Ophthalmologists have opened up a new field of activity and now also offer conversion of the eyes to HDTV and prescribe 3-D varifocals for this purpose. But there are much more sophisticated special treatments. A simple air filter and a scented tree with a pine needle aroma turns your stay in the waiting room into a climatic treatment, which of course has to be paid for separately. If the practice visitor also looks at an aquarium, it could be a measure to reduce stress. If the patient protests against this greedy type of treatment, he has successfully participated in a paid mindfulness exercise. © All rights reserved - Axel Springer SE, Berlin - Any publication and non-private use exclusively via The pound is cheap, the country has a lot to offer, so what are you waiting for? 50 Tips Travel p. 66 US ELECTION CAMPAIGN German companies are generous The US subsidiaries of several German corporations are also active as donors in the ongoing congressional election campaign. In doing so, they clearly support the Republicans through special fundraising centers. Allianz, BASF, Bayer, Deutsche Bank and Siemens have each donated more than two-thirds of the total amount to the party that wants to elect the entrepreneur Donald Trump as the official presidential candidate at a party conference in Cleveland next week. According to the latest available figures, BASF has distributed $ 399,000 so far in the current election campaign. Page 34 FOOTBALL Klopp is looking forward to Guardiola Jürgen Klopp, head coach of the English football club Liverpool FC, is looking forward to the new Premier League season - and to the starting coach Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), José Mourinho (Manchester United) and Antonio Conte (Chelsea London). "Riesenbock", so Klopp to this newspaper, he has on the competition, although he still expects several multi-million dollar transfers from the competition. Guardiola or Mourinho, according to Klopp, are “not exactly known for going shopping at Aldi. A little more will happen on the market. ”As coach of Liverpool FC, Klopp has extended it until 2022. Page 25 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0800-926 75 37 Free of charge from the German landline network and from all German mobile phones DIGITAL OFFERS: 0800-951 5000 E-MAIL: [email protected] A 4.30 € • B 4.30 € • CH 5.50 CHF • CZ 160 CZK • DKK 34.00 E 4.60 € / IC 4.60 € • F 4.60 € • FIN 5.90 € • GB 3.70 GBP GR 4.60 € • H 1280 HUF • I 4.60 € • IRL 4.50 € • L 4.30 € MA 50 MAD • N 42.00 NOK • NL 4.30 € • P 4.60 € (Cont.) PL 20 PLN • S 50 SEK • TN 6.50 TD • ZA 70.00 ZAR ISSN 0949 - 7188 WELT am SONNTAG-2016-07-17-sil-24 f5123d7d0164873d70b500d7b5da4639 2 POLITICS Dear Readers! There are days and nights of violence, grief and worry in this politically haggard summer of 2016. Well over 300 deaths have been reported since Thursday alone. In Turkey, sections of the military carried out a coup against Erdogan as if they had seen the film "Operation Valkyrie" - but not to the end, as a security analyst from Tel Aviv blogged. On July 20, 1944, an assassination attempt on the Fiihrer started, then an "Operation Valkyrie", which had previously been disguised as an emergency plan against a possible uprising against the Nazi regime, was to be converted into a real change of power. The plan failed mainly because Stauffenberg's bomb did not kill Hitler. Erdogan told a Turkish television station that the putschists had tried to bomb his hotel in Marmaris - for which there is no evidence so far. But there seems to be a parallel: not all soldiers who had been assigned to the coup against Erdogan were evidently clear what it was about. They thought they were going on a military exercise. It was an uprising against the democratically elected but increasingly dictatorial president, an attempted coup that looks as if its failure was planned from the start. Deniz Yücel experienced the peculiarities of the night military revolt on site: a problem-free taxi ride to the sparsely guarded airport, a calm emperor who declared war on the enemy in campaign style, as if he had only been waiting for it: “The coup is a gift from Allah because it allows us to clean up the military. ”One can guess how the major cleaning will take place - it has already been demonstrated on various groups of opposition activists in Turkey. In a first step, Erdogan has already dismissed almost 3,000 judges - presumably to protect the people and the state. The NATO partner Turkey, appointed by the Chancellor to be Europe's central border guard on the refugee issue, could mutate from a solution to a problem: Those persecuted by Erdogan should all have a right to asylum in Germany. Which would mean that Turkey would have drifted a little further away from Europe towards the Middle East. In Nice, a possibly mentally ill person, a failed existence of the Tunisian-French migration, raced with a truck into the street celebration on the French national holiday. On the 227th anniversary of the storm on the Bastille, he put a trail of blood on the promenade with a rented nineteen-tonne truck. A crazy individual perpetrator who was and is part of the terror strategy of the "Islamic State". Whether the IS really was behind the attack, as it is now claiming, or just benefited from it, seems almost indifferent. It is the avowed intention of the murderous warriors of God to promise the good of heaven to failed individuals if they commit mass murders in the states of the ungodly western world. Florian Flade writes about this on page 5: “The war of the individual perpetrators”. The religious madness that Samuel Huntington warned against twenty years ago in his book “Clash of Civilizations” seems to be becoming the agenda of the 21st century, as Michael Stürmer writes on page 11. A highly asymmetrical world war, against which the declaration of a permanent state of emergency is nothing but a well-intentioned gesture of reassurance. The fight against invisible terror is likely to become a long-runner - and thus erode security and the basic principles of freedom. We'll have to get used to it. The topic on page 13 makes it clear that totalitarian systems are not only enforced by dictators and terrorists, but can also be made by themselves: “The expropriation of the private”. Marc Neller describes how a father asked Apple and Facebook to release the pictures and data of his deceased son. But the global internet empires insist that after the death of their customers they are the sole rulers of their data. The week was more positive for a future world politician: Donald Trump is ahead in the states of Pennsylvania and Florida, in Ohio on a par with Hillary Clinton. This increases his chances of being able to play a decisive role in global chaos. And: the diamond pulls again. Angela Merkel's popularity rises in the polls. The AfD loses. Torsten Krauel analyzes the new tendency to continue the lack of alternatives: the longing to return to everyday life (page 8). Football coach Jürgen Klopp also sees the fact that one should focus on stability in turbulent times as “a sign of reason” (page 25). But in contrast to politics, sport lives from the alternative. "Anyone can be beaten," says Klopp and thinks it's "pretty awesome". The situation is completely different with the large supermarkets. They like to merge and thus eliminate competition. A billion-dollar game in which Minister of Economics Gabriel got involved with a ministerial permit. On page 7, Michael Gassmann and Martin Greive investigate whether he was sidelined. Finally, something positive: German cities are taking action against annoying street music, which, in contrast to the virtual “Pokémon Go”, does not make you blind, but rather deaf. Yours Stefan Aust Editor-in-Chief T CUSTOMER SERVICE Letter box 2264, 20350 Hamburg Telephone: 0800/926 75 37 * • Fax: 0800/926 77 37 E-Mail: [email protected]