Resuspending plasmid DNA from Whatman watercolor paper

Contract manufacturing of plasmid DNA

Research Grade

Plasmid DNA in reproducible and certified quality for preclinical and veterinary research.

  • Cultivation in media without substances of animal origin
  • Controlled removal of bacterial LPS endotoxins
  • Complete removal of RNA and proteins
  • Numerous quality controls already included at no additional cost

Typical applications

  • Transfection
  • DNA vaccination

Product overview

ccc grade

Plasmid DNA for preclinical applications in high efficiency ccc-Shape

Quality features such as Research Grade and additionally

  • Removal of the oc forms of the plasmid: you get the pure ccc supercoil (> 95%)
  • CGE analysis included (proof of the proportion of ccc-To shape)

Typical applications

  • Particularly efficient transfection
  • Reproducible co-transfection
  • Virus production
  • Antibody production
  • Reference standards

Available as an additional option: Completely animal and enzyme-free production (ccc grade classic).

Product overview

Please note in advance: The Minimum Order Quantity for this quality level is 10 mg per plasmid.

High quality grade

High quality grade Plasmid DNA can be produced in accordance with the EMEA guidelines CHMP / BWP / 2458/03 and CPMP / BWP / 3088/99 for the highest quality standards. For reasons of product safety, the manufacturing process does not use substances of animal origin in the entire process and guarantees the greatest possible product purity through reliable separation of impurities, e.g. bacterial chromosomal DNA or damaged plasmids. In order to prevent further contamination, only one plasmid is used exclusively for High quality grade Plasmids used in the system produced, there are no parallel plasmid productions in one room.

The High quality grade Plasmid DNA is based on a cell bank (RCB) created at PlasmidFactory and the particularly effective patented ccc grade DNA technology produced. For the cell bank as well as for the plasmid DNA product, PlasmidFactory offers a variety of quality controls so that ultimately a product tailored to the respective application or the corresponding regulatory requirements is created.

Our High quality grade Plasmid DNA is used, for example, in the GMP-compliant production of recombinant viruses, antibodies and RNA for clinical studies.

Product overview

Please note in advance: The Minimum Order Quantity for this quality level is 10 mg per plasmid.

Order process

PlasmidFactory has already produced over 2,000 individual, different plasmids for customers. We guarantee the delivery of the ordered quantity.

Would you like to find out how you can use the PlasmidFactory service to produce your individual plasmids? Take a look at our exemplary order process!