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Solving Bluetooth problems: this is how it works with the connection


Bluetooth problems are annoying, but can often be solved in a few simple steps. With these tricks you can set up a Bluetooth connection in no time at all.

Thanks to Bluetooth, smartphones, computers, keyboards and hands-free kits should be able to be connected to one another quickly and easily. Unfortunately, there are often problems in practice. Sometimes a device is not found or pairing fails. It doesn't have to be, netzwelt solves the most common Bluetooth problems for you.

These tricks almost always help

In all cases, it is advisable to first carry out the following steps:

  • Switches both devices off and on again and then tries to establish a new connection.
  • Updates the firmware of the devices.
  • If both devices support NFC, you can also try to establish the Bluetooth connection via NFC. This happens fully automatically if you hold the devices close together.

Solutions to Common Bluetooth Problems

If this procedure does not lead to success, you will find further possible solutions for common Bluetooth problems below.

Cell phone does not connect to the car radio

Do you want to play music from your smartphone on your car radio? But the technology is on strike? This can have several reasons.

If the cell phone in the car does not want to connect to the radio, you should first check the following: Some smartphones require a double pairing. If hands-free calling works, but music cannot be played, check whether you have to pair the device again for "media streaming". Also check on the website of your car manufacturer whether the smartphone and car radio are compatible with each other. Ask your workshop whether there is a software update for your car, the firmware may have an error in the Bluetooth protocol.

My device cannot be found

You want to establish a connection between two Bluetooth devices, but despite visual contact, one device is simply not shown in the other's Bluetooth list?

Connection keeps breaking off

Have you successfully paired two devices with each other via Bluetooth? But the connection keeps breaking off in the meantime?

There are several reasons why a Bluetooth connection is frequently interrupted: You should first reduce the distance between the two devices; a device may be at the limit of its transmission range. After all, Bluetooth devices only have a short range. It is also advisable to delete connections that are no longer required. A device may be busy with the number of connections. Minimizes sources of interference for radio communication If one of the devices used is an Android smartphone, the "Bluetooth Auto Connect" app will help you. Constantly interrupting Bluetooth connections can also indicate a low battery level, so it checks whether the devices are still sufficiently charged.

Device reports wrong PIN or wrong code during pairing

When paring, the Bluetooth device reports the error "Wrong PIN" or "Wrong code"?

In this case you should cancel an existing pairing, reset the Bluetooth connection of the two devices and then try to pair again. Also checks whether there are software updates for the devices. If the connection is made via an app (for example with a smartwatch), the app's cache is cleared.

Bluetooth headset is recognized as a keyboard

Your PC, your TV or your game console will recognize your Bluetooth headset, but think it is a keyboard?

The only remedy for this problem is usually a software update. It may also help - if possible - to briefly connect the headset to the device via USB.

My Bluetooth mouse or keyboard does not work

You use a Bluetooth mouse and / or keyboard on your PC or Mac, but from one day to the next no more inputs are transmitted or the computer only reacts to your commands with a delay?

Most wireless mice and keyboards run on batteries. If the computer no longer responds or only reacts with a delay to inputs, you should first check the charge status of the batteries and change them if necessary.

If this solution does not lead to success, you should reconnect your computer and the input device.

The pairing between the devices fails

When trying to connect two devices, you get an error message or the process takes forever and does not lead to any result.

There are several approaches to solving this problem as well: Most devices manage established Bluetooth connections in a list of known or paired devices. However, some devices cause problems if there are too many entries in this list. You should therefore delete entries from the list that are no longer required.

Tips for Android, iOS and Windows users

If this does not lead to success either or if your problem is not there, you will find further help in the following articles. They address specific problems with Bluetooth on different operating systems.

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