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Schwatz Katz Vegan Natural Cosmetics is your first address for effective vegan natural cosmetics that you will love. Simply homemade and always special.

Find easy-to-understand recipes for homemade, vegan natural cosmetics and beauty products. All recipes are vegan and effective without animal testing or animal products. They have been tested on myself and my loved ones and found to be good.

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Vegan natural cosmetics recipes from A-Z


To remove makeup

After shave & beard care

Another A

Anti-age vegan natural cosmetics


Body Butter Solid Bars (solid)

Bodymelts (with emulsifier / surfactant)

Body Balms (soft body butter)

Body whip




Fragrances of all kinds

More D




Lip care


Mineral earth (clay / healing earth) products


Plant extracts for natural cosmetics


Cleaning products with surfactants




Sun cosmetics


Vegan natural cosmetics in categories

Schwatz Katz offers you vegan natural cosmetics that you can make yourself with fun and without a raised index finger. Most of the recipes can be easily customized so that you can conjure up gifts for men, women, young and old!

Products, which I show here on the blog, I am unfortunately not able to offer for sale. I ask for understanding.
Schwatz Katz distinguishes the categories
  • Facial care products such as day creams for every skin type, lotions, serums, fluids and anti-aging cosmetics as well as uncomplicated facial cleansing are inexpensive and easy to make yourself;
  • Body butter, body butter that you simply take with you in the tub or under the shower and which saves you the subsequent application of lotion. They are also great for giving away;
  • Body Whip, aka body cream, is quite similar to body butter, but it comes as whipped like cream and is therefore even more tender;
  • creams, serums and fluids hide behind facial care;
  • find hair care products like moisturizing sprays under Hair Care;
  • find out how easy you can make yourself delicate peeling;
  • Believe it or not, you can even stir effective deodorant without aluminum yourself;
  • and bathe in all sorts of luxury under bath salts and the like.
  • Not a category, but interesting: An overview of 20+ beauty DIY products with coconut oil and 15+ beauty recipes with cocoa butter

Be nice to your skin, the animals and the environment, just take care of it yourself!

You're welcomeHave you bought a book about natural cosmetics and have questions? Then please contact the author.

Helpful contributions to homemade natural cosmetics

Easy cleaning of the appliances after cooking

It can get stressful cleaning greasy beauty dishes, so I've written instructions for this.

Shelf life of vegan natural cosmetics

Please read the article Shelf life of homemade cosmetics through what you can do to use your homemade cosmetics for as long as possible!

Build up an emulsion

explains which raw materials and ingredients make a cream a success: Building an emulsion.

Special features in cream and lotion production

In order to be able to produce effective creams and lotions yourself, you have to consider a few things; the cream making guide will help.

Accessories for cream production with shopping list for beginners

The devices and tools you should and could have to make your creams and lotions a real blast: The right accessories.

The pH value in natural cosmetics

how to measure it, adjust it and what it is good for: measure and adjust the pH value.

Deodorant and Co

If you have any questions about deodorant, please read the deodorant FAQ first, it covers pretty much every problem.

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Allergy notice

Before doing this, please make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. See also the next section "Disclaimer".

Exclusion of liability / disclaimer

For legal reasons I have to point out that I am neither a doctor nor a beautician. All statements made by me at Schwatz Katz about the effects and properties of the individual raw materials and recipes result from my personal experience with their use. They serve as information and to pass the time and do not represent any healing promises. I expressly point out that neither the relief of problems or even illnesses is guaranteed nor promised. The content cannot replace personal advice, an examination or diagnosis by a doctor or therapist and you should not use my information to make your own diagnoses or to treat yourself! In other words, if you follow my recipes, you do it at your own risk.