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Selling with Ineichen is the easiest way to get the best price. You can offer your item for sale at one of our annual auctions.
  1. These delivery and sales conditions of Ineichen Zürich AG, Zurich (“Ineichen”), are an integral part of the auction contract (the “auction contract”) concluded separately by the consignor / seller (the “seller”) with Ineichen.

  2. The seller gives Ineichen the order to auction the auction object listed in the auction contract (the "object") on the terms and conditions agreed there in the name and on account of the seller.

  3. The seller confirms that a) he is the legal and unrestricted owner and person authorized to dispose of the property, b) no third parties have any rights or claims in relation to the property and c) the property was lawfully obtained and in particular was neither stolen nor illegally imported. The seller further confirms that he has given Ineichen all information about the object known to him, in particular that which is relevant for a potential buyer in the context of the acquisition and which he must assume that they could falsify the description of the object in the auction contract.

  4. The highest bid of the highest bidder (the "buyer") in the auction is accepted by Ineichen and leads to the conclusion of a purchase contract between the seller and the buyer. If the submitted bids do not reach the limits set in the auction contract, Ineichen is entitled not to sell the object in order to put it up for auction again at a subsequent auction, if this is in the presumed interest of the seller at Ineichen's sole discretion unless the seller has instructed Ineichen to sell at certain minimum prices in the event of insufficient bids.

  5. The commission due in accordance with the auction contract and to be paid by the seller (plus applicable statutory value added tax) is calculated on the basis of the bid for the highest bid of the buyer. The seller acknowledges that Ineichen is also entitled to a premium that the buyer owes Ineichen and based on the buyer's highest bid according to the auction conditions (www. [HYPERLINK] .ch) is calculated. The seller's contribution to costs according to the auction contract for insurance, images, repairs, expenses and the like are owed regardless of the sale of the object. The approaches listed in the auction contract are used. All amounts are owed together with VAT.

  6. The texts in the auction catalog are drawn up by Ineichen to the best of his knowledge and belief. Ineichen is neither bound to existing descriptions nor to expertise or instructions from the seller. Ineichen is explicitly allowed to photograph the object or to create other images of it and to use corresponding photographs and images in the auction catalog or in all other publications (including digital and online), even if there is no connection to the auction. Ineichen retains ownership of all documents created by Ineichen or on its behalf for the auction catalog and all copyright claims to the auction catalog and the associated documents.

  7. Settlement and payment of the sales price (including VAT) corresponding to the highest bid, minus the commission to which Ineichen is entitled, to the seller takes place within 40 days of the conclusion of the auction, provided that a) Ineichen has signed the auction contract by the seller stating the desired Payment method and the other information required for payment has been received and b) the payment of the entire purchase price has been made by the buyer on time.

  8. If a knocked down object is taken back by Ineichen, in particular due to payment difficulties of the buyer, the breach of warranties by the seller or suspected or proven forgery, the seller undertakes to take back the object without any claim to any compensation on his part and any payment already made to him ineichen fully reimbursed. Ineichen is also entitled to such a refund if the property is not returned for reasons beyond Ineichen's control. Ineichen is in no way liable to the seller for any non-performance or poor performance by the buyer. In the event of default in payment by the buyer, Ineichen is entitled to cancel the sales contract between the seller and the buyer on behalf of the seller and, if possible, to auction the object at a subsequent auction or to sell it on the open market after prior consultation with the seller. The amount of the commission payment on the resulting sales price is based on the rates agreed in the auction contract. Ineichen may, without being obliged to do so, take legal action against the buyer on behalf of the seller after prior consultation with the seller. Any resulting costs are to be borne in full by the seller.

  9. If the seller withdraws the object before the auction or sale, the seller undertakes to pay compensation to Ineichen in the amount of 20% of the net limit set in the auction contract. This claim for compensation is due immediately, and Ineichen has a right of retention and lien on the property until it has been completely fulfilled. Ineichen explicitly reserves the right to assert all further damages.

  10. Ineichen insures the object against damage, burglary and fire at the net limit set in the auction contract (for unlimited objects at the lower estimated price) at the seller's expense. The insurance cover is valid until the object is handed over to the buyer or no later than 60 days after the auction date.

  11. In the event of a breach of these delivery and sales conditions, in particular Clause 3 thereof, the seller is obliged to indemnify Ineichen and the buyer in full. Ineichen is also entitled to cancel the sales contract between the seller and the buyer on behalf of the seller, whereby the seller authorizes Ineichen to provide the buyer with his address details. Ineichen has a right of retention and lien on the property to secure her claim.

  12. All legal relationships between the seller and Ineichen are subject to substantive Swiss law, excluding conflict of laws provisions. Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.