How to use crx files

.CRX file format


If the .CRX file is known to your system, you can open it with a double click with the mouse or the ENTER key. This process opens the applications installed in the system that are associated with the .CRX file. If the system comes into contact with the file for the first time and there are no associations, the action is ended with a recommendation from the system to search for the corresponding software on the computer or on the Internet.

It sometimes happens that a wrong program is assigned to handle the .CRX files. It is the result of hostile programs such as viruses or malware, but it is also more often the result of an incorrect association of the application with the extension of the .CRX file. If, while operating the new .CRX file type, we indicate the wrong program to the system, the system will misinterpret its use every time we come across such a file. In such a case you should try to select an appropriate application again. Right click on the .CRX file and select the next option and Next. Now select one of the installed applications from the list above and try again.