At what †‹вЂ‹ level does Elekid develop into Electabuzz


Elekid is a Pokémon of the type Electric and has existed since the second generation of the game. It is the first development stage of Elektek and Elevoltek.

In the anime, Paul owned something that evolved into Elektek.


Appearance and build

Elekid is a small, two-legged Pokémon with a round body. Except for the black fur pattern, the body is colored yellow. It is characterized by two conspicuous horns that grow vertically upwards on the head of the Electric Pokémon. The face is made up of the small eyes, which consist of white leather skin and small black pupils, and the small mouth. The upper arms are very narrow. In contrast, the forearms are more than twice as wide and armed with short claws. In addition to the black stripes, there is a noticeable black lightning pattern on his stomach. The short legs connect the torso with the small feet.

In the shimmering form, Elekids yellow is kept slightly darker.

Attacks and abilities

Elekid is characterized above all by high attack forces and speed. In combat, it relies on electrical discharges, which it charges by rotating its arms and then using e.g. B Thunderbolt releases. But it also works with full physical effort, such as kicking the foot or clap of thunder against opponents.

His statics ability ensures that his electrically charged body can paralyze the other when touched. Rarer specimens may have the Hidden Ability Amusement and cannot be euthanized.

Behavior and habitat

Elekid has a great preference for electricity, but it is difficult to store it. To recharge, it hangs on sockets and sucks electricity from them like a baby bottle. It can also generate electricity by vigorously rotating its arms as soon as it needs it. However, his physical strength and stamina are still low, which is why he quickly gets tired. If Elekid's body is charged, a bluish glowing current flows between his horns, then one should not touch it with bare hands in order not to receive a paralyzing blow. If it then accidentally touches metal objects, its charge is lost. Elekid loves thunderstorms. When it thunders loudly, it feels good. Many trainers who take care of Elekid record the noises of thunderstorms and play them to Elekid when it is restless or in a bad mood.


Elekid represents the first part of a three-stage development series. It can develop into Elektek, which in turn can develop into Elevoltek since the fourth generation. Elekid is counted among the baby Pokémon.

In the games of the main series, the development from Elekid to Elektek is triggered when reaching at least level 30. If Elektek is exchanged while it is wearing a Stromizer, it will develop into Elevoltek.

Origin and meaning of the name

Elekid is probably based on the American plug a power cord.

language Surname Possible origin of the name
German Elekid Taken from Japanese.
English Elekid Taken from Japanese.
Japanese エ レ キ ッ ド Elekidエ レ キ ereki + キ ッ ド kiddo
French Élekid Taken from Japanese.
Korean 에레 키드 ErekideuTaken from Japanese.
Chinese 電擊 怪Diànjīguài電擊 diànjī + 怪 guài

In the main games



game Location
KBreeding, curious egg
DPRoute 205, wind power plant (FR)
PdFIn the mountains
PokéwalkerResidential area, meadow of loyalty
W.White forest
W2Vapydro works
DWSmall forest
ΩRαSWunderberg (south of Route 129)
SMRoute 12, Glühberg
USUMHokulani Mountain, Glow Mountain
SWEXSHEXBallsee shore, bed of the giant, three-way pass, sea of ​​clods, sole of the giant, ancient cemetery
Dyna raids(Ballsee-Ufer: Nest 267, bed of the giant: Nest 220, three-way pass: Nest 258, Frostfeld: Nest 201, Sea of ​​Schollen: Nest 254)



By level up

Elekid can learn the following attacks by leveling up:

By inheritance

Elekid can learn the following attacks through breeding with other Pokémon: Pokémon marked with a * can only learn the attack through chain breeding. Pokémon marked with a ° must be transferred from an earlier generation in order to be able to inherit the attacks learned via TM or the attack teacher.

Status values

Type weaknesses

If Elekid is attacked by attacks of these types, the damage is multiplied by the specified factor.