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Neal Chadwick - The Railroad Robbers: Cassiopeiapress Western

Leadville Volume 1

A western from

Alfred Wallon & Marten Munsonius

The volume of this book corresponds to 87 paperback pages.

You are on your way to Leadville:

Emily Dunn: Your father died under mysterious circumstances in Leadville. Emily wants to continue her father's newspaper and at the same time expose the murderers

Clay Caldwell: Again he is on his way to Leadville - this time will he be able to forget the gloomy shadows of the past and dare to start over? Even if he has to kill again for it?

Linda Johnson: The red light business is her life. She comes to Leadville to make money from her prostitute troop. But love for sale sometimes has its price

Arthur Black: Player and Gunslinger - and Linda Johnson's partner. Together they want to make big money in Leadville. But that is decided by others - namely:

Robert Sheldon and David Moore: Two Influential Mine Owners and Businessmen who Were Not Competitive. Not even if it's a different industry. With the help of their thugs they have been able to intimidate any opponent so far.