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Nightmares Come True chapter 2
A blood stained sword in her hands. Dead bodies surrounding her, and one at the edge of her sword. Blood dripping onto the ground as her hands trembled. 'W-What have i done ...' She cried, as the last body fell to the ground. She screamed.
Momo shot up screaming. "Momo-chan! Are you alright ?!" Rangiku asked. Orihime and Rukia next to her as they all looked at her worried.
"O-Oh, where are we?" Momo looked at them and put on a smile. "Why do you look so worried?"
"You screamed!" Rangiku said. "Did you have a nightmare? What was it about?"
"I didn't have a nightmare, it was nothing," She lied, hoping they would believe her.
"Then why did you scream?" Orihime asked.
"I screamed?" Momo looked confused. "I didn't scream, it was nothing."
"If you say so ..." Rukia said, but they were still worried.
"What are we doing here?" Momo wondered as she looked around.
"were in the nurses office. last night when we were at the park before Toshiro came with you
The 100 HitsuHina Themes Challenge
Theme # 51:
No way out
Momo let out a sigh. As she stood in front of the slide door to the tenth division office, the fifth division lieutenant had second thoughts about entering the room. "Maybe I shouldn't give it to him now. He might be busy with his paperwork."
Moments ago, a messenger delivered some amanatto to her division on behalf of her grandmother (who she used to live with in Junrin'an). With the goods, there is an attached letter that asked her to take some to her grandson. As a result, she did as the letter instructed and came to the place where her childhood friend works: tenth division headquarters.
"What if he's not here?" she wondered. "Then, this trip would be such a waste."
Suddenly, the peach girl shook her head. After shaking all doubts away, she mustered all her courage and placed her free hand on the slide door. Once she opened it, Hinamori found no one in immediate sight. So, she stepped into the office when
The 100 HitsuHina Themes Challenge
Theme # 52
: Rejection
Momo slowly opened her eyes only to be blinded by the bright sun rays. She shut her eyes tight and covered them with an arm. She turned her body to the side and tried to get back to sleep. However, a thought came into mind. She quickly pulled the blanket off and jumped out of bed. Without a moment to waste, she out of her room; down the stairs; and stopped at the front entrance. As she sat down to put on her shoes, the raven haired girl heard a familiar voice, "Momo-chan, what's the hurry?"
"I'll be right back, Okaa-san!" Hinamori called out as she stood up. She took hold of the knob, she opened the door. She raced out of the house and shouted, "I just need to pick up the mail!"
Once she is outside, the raven haired girl raced to the mailbox at the property entrance. Just as she is about to take the handful of delivered envelopes, Momo looked over at her neighbor's side to see a familiar face. Mostly dressed in his West Ru
The 100 HitsuHina Themes Challenge
Theme # 53
: Innocence
Toshiro placed a hand over his mouth and yawned. Today was a long day for the young tenth division captain. He had a whole stack of paperwork to sign, a training session to lead, a report to write, a budget meeting with the Captain Commander, and a certain vice-captain to punish because she came to work late ... again. Despite all this, he is not free of his responsibilities. He still has some housework chores to do and get everything ready for his early morning shift at eight.
Hitsugaya opened the slide door to his private quarters and stepped in. Using the natural light from the moon outside, he looked at the clock to check the time. It is one o'clock in the morning. The white haired captain scratched the side of his head and sighed with defeat. He put his hand down and took off his footwear. Walking in his tabi, he dragged his feet all the way to his bedroom, not giving a care in the world about finishing his chores. He approx
The 100 HitsuHina Themes Challenge
Theme # 54
: Keeping a Secret
"I know it's a bit early, but wi-" Toshiro suddenly shook his head. "No, that's no good."
He closed his eyes and slowly sighed. When he reopened them, the young adult he tried again.
"Will yo-No, that's too straightforward. She might be too shocked to list-" Without any warning, the white haired university student noticed the fast approaching cyclist on the road. Luckily, he quickly turned his body to one side and narrowly escaped the passing rider. He sighed in relief. "Note to self: watch where you're going while you're in deep thought."
With that said, he continued his journey back to the family residence from school.
"I'm home." After he entered the house and closed the door behind him, the young man noticed the presence of a certain frowning emerald-teal eyed woman. Toshiro gave her a stern look in response to the serious demeanour she is giving off. Knowing his mother for all his li
The 100 HitsuHina Themes Challenge
Theme # 55
: Rated
"Good morning, taicho!" Rangiku Matsumoto said as she happily waltzed into the office, where she can see her captain signing papers on his desk. "Today is a lovely da-"
All of a sudden, she felt a cold chill up her spine which caused the lieutenant to squeak. Knowing too well where it is coming from, she looked at the glaring white haired prodigy. He explained, "First of all, it's early afternoon and second, you're late for work again. What excuse you have for me this time?"
"I had a hangover."
He put down his ink brush and leaned back against his seat. After folding his arms over his chest, he gave her a stern look and replied, "Normally, I would believe that. However, I sensed yours and Nemu Kurotsuchi's spiritual pressures in the twelfth division headquarters yesterday."
"Eh, how did you know that?"
Knowing that she was trying to change topics, Hitsugaya let out a low growl. "I know because I happened to pass by it on my way