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Expensive oil change? The replacement of the lubricant causes these costs

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What does an oil change cost? Prices and information

Should your car be you long and reliable accompany? Then it needs a certain amount of maintenance. Oil changes that are carried out regularly are particularly important requirement to the longevity of a car.

But care can expensive are: Oil changes can result in costs of several hundred euros.

But how expensive is an oil change accurate? What does a Transmission oil change? The following guide lists the average cost for changing engine and transmission oil and explains which Factors the price of an oil change drift up.

FAQ: Costs for an oil change?

What does an oil change cost?

An oil change at a specialist costs between 50 and 150 euros.

Can I bring my own oil?

If you have the oil change carried out in the workshop, you can save costs by bringing your own engine oil with you.

Can I change the engine oil myself?

You can. However, experience offers itself. Here you can read about what you should pay attention to.

Table: These costs arise on average when changing the oil

Cost of an engine oil change

Vehicle / scope of the oil changeAuto / easy oil changeAuto / oil change with replacement of the filterMotorcycle
Material costsOil: € 15–75Oil: € 15–75
Oil filter: € 5–20
Oil: € 5-45
Labor costs (workshop)10–15 €10–15 €10–15 €
Total (workshop)25–90 €30–110 €15–60 €
Material costs (own work)5–30 €5–30 €5–30 €
Sum (own work)20–105 €25–125 €10–75 €

Cost of a gear oil change

Transmission type / scope of the oil changeMaterial costsLabor costs (workshop)Sum
Manual transmission / easy oil changeOil: € 15–5010–30 €25–80 €
Manual transmission / oil change with flushingOil: € 20–70
Cleaning fluid: 15–20 euros
Oil filter: € 10–80
30–200 €75–370 €
Automatic transmission / easy oil changeOil: € 15–5010–30 €25–80 €
Automatic transmission / oil change with flushingOil: € 20–70
Cleaning fluid: € 15–20
Oil filter: € 20–100
50–300 €105–490 €
Danger! This is Guideline values. Prices can vary depending on the workshop, type of car and region vary. Especially in specialist workshops significantly higher prices attack.

Change engine oil: The cost depends on the type of oil

Three factors determine the cost of an oil change:

  • Type of oil: It varies depending on which oil belongs in your car Price per liter extreme. Mineral oils are sometimes expensive less than 4 euros per liter while their synthetic counterparts have one Price per liter of more than 15 euros can have.
  • Amount of oil: Depending on the engine more or less oil needed. Most wagons need between 3 and 6 liters Engine oil.
  • working hours: A simple one Oil change usually does not take long. Many workshops offer Flat rates for the process. These are usually included 10-15 euros.

An oil change in a motorcycle is cheaper

motorcycles usually require significantly less oil than cars. For this reason, the price of an oil change is sometimes significantly reduced. Most workshops, however, require the same Working fee as for cars.

Carry out the oil change yourself: can the costs be reduced?

Run at your car even an oil change by, there are costs, which are usually much lower are than in a workshop.

However, you need to do this specific tool and / or access to a lifting platform. For this, costs of 5 to 30 euros attack. So it is not always worthwhile to lend a hand yourself.

tip: Do not buy the oil in the workshop, but in advance, you usually save a few euros.

How much does a gear oil change cost?

Not just that engine of a car, including the gearbox Lubricantsto run smoothly. This is where it comes in Gear oil in the game. This must also be in regular intervals change. However, the time periods are here significantly further apart than when changing the engine oil.

Car owners should every six to eight years tackle. Sometimes when changing the transmission oil high costs arise, many choose that simplest variantin which only the old oil is drained and replaced with new oil exchanged becomes.

But the simple transmission oil change harbors a crucial one disadvantage: Some of the old oil always remains in the transmission contain. Only through one Flushing with compressed air and fresh oil guarantees a comprehensive cleaning. The oil filter must also be used exchanged become.

While you at Engine oil change can lower the price by doing your own work, you should use the Workshop costs accept. The process harbors a few Stumbling blocks and, if not professionally executed, the entire transmission can be in Compassion pull.

Are the costs higher when changing the oil in an automatic transmission?

The flat-rate working rates of the workshops are for oil changes in automatic transmissions higherthan for manual transmission. This is explained by the higher workload and the special equipment used for Oil replacement and especially for Flushing of the transmission are necessary.

By the way: With special dirty Driven more than one flush is necessary. This drives up the price when changing the oil: more oil needed and the working hours of the workshop employee extended yourself. There is a surcharge of around 100 euros common.

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