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Cameron Boyce's height, weight and body measurements

Whether you look at him Jessie or The adultsYou just have to love this kid. He is currently moving from Disney and creating a niche for himself in mainstream Hollywood. So before we move on to the topic of Cameron Boyce's height, weight and measurements, let's learn a little more about this young man.

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  • He was born Cameron Boyce on May 28, 1999 to an African American father and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother. Their names are Libby and Victor Boyce.
  • He is a very talented young man, not only a great actor, but he also loves to dance. He even started a break dancing crew with his friends called X Mob. He also performed Dance with the stars tribute during the royal wedding.
  • Did you ever notice that he was one of the feature dancers on the show? Shake it up?
  • Boyce made his first TV appearance in a music video in 2008. In his music video, he was the kid version of Ryan Ross. That Green Gentleman (things have changed). Since then he has moved on to bigger things.

  • Boyce is not only good at dancing and acting, he is also very good at basketball.
  • On his Twitter page, the star admitted that the most important aspect of being a Disney actor is all of the crazy characters I can play when I'm Conor.
  • Like many before ... and probably after him, he's had a crush on Beyonce, but his Disney-animated crush is Belle. He even admitted that if he could switch to this it would be a Disney cartoon show Beauty and the Beast where he would be the teacup.
  • His message to his future self is: "Grow your beard because you can".

Now is the time to move on to the subject at hand. Let's start with Cameron Boyce's size.

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Cameron Boyce's height

He's still on a growth spurt so we can recommend him to this as his Cameron Boyce greatness in the wait. We can say this comfortably because we have evidence. Yes, the star had been 5 feet 5 inches since last year, but when its statistics were released, its height was already 5 feet 6 inches that year.

Boyce, who is currently 17 years old, is not allowed to do that.In the end, we see each other at eye level with colleagues like Yao Ming or Jason Padalecki, but we know that he is not yet an adult. This section provides information on the size of the Cameron Boyce. Here is a list of notable people as tall as Boyce, and most of them much older than the star.

Daniel Radcliffe, Lil Wayne, Elijah Wood, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Lopez are all the same size as Cameron Boyce.

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Cameron Boyce's weight

From his slim and somewhat lanky body, you can already think that this star is not so much on the heavy side. The actor has a healthy weight of 61 kilograms and carries it well. He is still very young and has the power of his metabolism on his side. So it's safe to assume that Cameron isn't doing much to maintain his size.

He's admitted that he loves ice cream, Latin-American food (especially tacos) and enjoys drinking Coca Cola. Nevertheless, he keeps his slim body. We can't just attribute it to his metabolism though, he's a very active person, he dances a lot, he shoots a couple of hoops when he can, and he's pretty busy.

So when you have everything we have about the 61kg actor, we will be sure to watch him develop.

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Body measurements of Cameron Boyce

In addition to the height and weight of Cameron Boyce, here is a summary of the body measurements of this talented actor.

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 61 kg

Body type: Slim & Athletic

Chest size: 35 inches

Waist circumference: 28 inches

Arms / biceps: 30 cm

Foot / shoe size: US 9, EU 42, UK 8.5

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