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WiFi signal strength

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Find out more about dBm signal strength and what it says about the transmission power and reception quality of your DSL router.

What is the dBm signal strength for WiFi?

A quality feature of a WLAN router is the transmission power and the reception quality of the signal. Basically, the greater the range here, the better. Ideally, a router can receive very weak signals as well as send very strong signals. In order to be able to evaluate or compare this, the signal strength is classified in dBm (decibel milliwatt) on a scale. One milliwatt (mW) is used as a reference value: A signal strength of 0 dBm corresponds to one milliwatt. Everything below that is a rather weak signal, which is reported as a negative dBm value. For example, a 0.1 mW weak signal corresponds to -10 dBm, 0.01 mW is -20 dBm, etc. A stronger signal is given as a positive dBm value: A signal of 1.26 mW corresponds to one dBm, 1.58 mW is two dBm etc. According to this scale, you can now assess how good the reception and transmission power of your device is in the best case by looking at the settings or the data sheet of your router.

What is the RRSI value?

The abbreviation RRSI stands for “Received Signal Strength Indicator”, which roughly translates as “Indicator for signal reception strength” - and that is exactly: an indicator or a note for the strength of a signal, for example in the case of a router, the RRSI is even more common Value but used in connection with cell phone reception. The signal strength is often given in absolute numbers in dBm: The signal is set in relation to one milliwatt and evaluated on a scale as an absolute number. The RSSI value also shows the signal strength, but as a relative index. The quality is usually classified on a scale from - 100 to 0. The closer the value is to zero, the better or stronger the signal, although zero is utopian. With an RSSI value of -70 you are already in a very good reception area or you are receiving a very strong and stable signal.